NCSO, PPD make drug arrests

COVINGTON -- Acting on a tip, Newton County Sheriff's Office deputies arrested a 31-year-old mother Monday and charged her with violation of the Georgia Controlled Substances Act.

Brandi Lynn Duggan of 1891 Access Road, Lot C-47, was arrested at Riverside Mobile Home Park about 7 p.m.

According to Cpl. Anthony Washington, the NCSO had received word that drugs were being sold out of one of the RVs parked at the mobile home park.

"When deputies approached Ms. Duggan, she was immediately nervous and distraught and started to cry," Washington said. "This alerted the deputies further and they asked for consent to search the trailer. She went ahead and revealed she did have drugs inside her residence."

Washington said deputies recovered several small bags of suspected meth, which were packaged in a manner typical to be sold.

Upon her arrest, the woman's minor children were turned over to family members.

The Porterdale Police Department reported a traffic stop during which the passenger in the vehicle was found to be in possession of illegal narcotics.

Jamarcus Tyrone Smith, 19, of 85 Old River Road was arrested and charged with possession of cocaine with intent to distribute, possession of cocaine and possession of marijuana, less than an ounce.

According to an incident report on Saturday, a Chrysler 300 with a driver and two passengers was stopped while traveling south on Covington Bypass Road after an officer noticed the car had a dealer drive-out tag with no date on it.

While talking with the driver, the officer noticed one of the passengers began moving his hands inside the vehicle and after repeated warnings to keep his hands visible, failed to comply.

The officer recognized Smith from a previous incident, according to the report, which states, "Smith had fled from law enforcement in the past and was involved in narcotics. The prior incident later involved two firearms being found in Smith's bedroom at his home."

The driver of the vehicle refused permission to search the car, so Porterdale's K-9 Unit's canine Beau was called to do a "open air sniff" on the vehicle. Beau alerted on the front doors of the car and officers began a search of the vehicle.

"(The officer) found between the passenger seat and the center console a bag of green, leafy substance (suspected marijuana). On the passenger side floor, a plastic cellophane that is used to cover a cigarette pack contained one off-white, rock-like substance (suspected crack cocaine) inside it. Outside the vehicle on the ground where Smith was standing and was frisked, a black cell phone and a pill bottle was found. Smith stated that the phone was his. Inside the pill bottle (the officer) found five large pieces of off-white, rock-like substance. Smith stated all the items were his."

Smith was arrested and no charges were made against the driver and the second passenger.