Quilting for a cause

Photo by ee

Photo by ee

COVINGTON -- Sisters Janice Baulkmon and Jackie Kelly have heard about the devastation in Haiti from an eyewitness: Baulkmon's husband, William, who serves in the U.S. Air Force. Stationed in Puerto Rico, he was one of the first responders when the quake hit on Jan. 12.

After hearing accounts of the suffering her husband witnessed, Baulkmon decided she had to do something. She enlisted the help of her sister, Jackie Kelly, and together they organized Quilts for Haiti, an event that will take place from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday at Southern Heartland Art Gallery in downtown Covington.

The women are asking other concerned members of the community to attend and help make quilts to be distributed to orphanages in Haiti. William Baulkmon's squadron will make sure the quilts get to the children who need them, Kelly said.

The women hope to make at least 25 quilts and are looking for volunteers to sew straight lines, cut fabric, press seams and assist in other ways.

"Even if you don't have sewing skills, you can iron or help cut patterns. We're trying to get a good number of them finished on Saturday," Kelly said.

They are also asking for donations of supplies, including fabric, thread, batting, pins, needles and ribbon, along with monetary contributions to pay for shipping. Pre-made baby quilts and pre-cut squares will also be accepted.

Donations can be made this week at Southern Heartland Art Gallery, located at 1132 Monticello St. in Covington. For hours of operation, call 770-788-8799.

For more information about Quilts for Haiti, or to register to attend the event, call Baulkmon at 678-230-9740.