Newton Poll - 02/06/2010

The Newton Citizen Poll is a compilation of opinions submitted by readers. They do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Citizen newspapers. If you agree or disagree with something you read here, you may respond by e-mailing poll@newtoncitizen.com.

"I am at a loss right now to understand some of the things going on in today's economy. First the taxpayers gave to the banking interests a large sum of money. The banks in turn were to start lending to businesses and other factors to get the public back to work. Instead they handed out large bonuses to the powers that be for doing nothing. Next they foreclosed on many properties and many of these properties have been empty for two and three years. I know several people asked if they could rent the property at a lower rate or could they get a lower rate on their mortgage? I guess the answer was no because many properties are still standing empty. I realize there may be a few dead beats out there who would destroy the property and then move out in the middle of the night, but the ones I know are good law-abiding citizens who just got in over their head and are now out in the cold. Many of the properties are being looted, being set on fire or just being used by some of the homeless to get in out of the cold. I presume because of this, the banking industry will need another billion or two for more bonus money."

"Re: City of Covington Retreat. What will it cost to change to local -- most hotels and resorts have a two- to four-day cancellation. Let's see where this takes us."

"Who would be willing to step out of your comfort zone and live on a fixed income?"

"This is in response to the liberal that blamed Bush for our economic situation. If you want to know where the economic troubles began you are going to have to start reading history books instead of drinking spiked Kool-aid. The books will let you know that we got involved in a war in the early 1960s that started the deficit spiraling out of control. In the late '70s the mortgage companies Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were ordered to make bad loans to people that could not afford the loans because they would not stay in school and get good jobs. You don't have to take it from me. Take it from The New York Times. The Times, a liberal paper, admitted that liberals started the Fannie and Freddie mess. In the '90s we had a liberal president and liberal advisors that gave Bin Laden his walking papers. Not to mention all the technology that was stolen by the Chinese while he was fooling around in the Oval Office. Without doubt liberals are more responsible for this recession that has been coming for years. P.S. get informed and stop drinking the spiked Kool-aid ... "

"In response to the person who questions the manner in which the city and county allocate funds for children in DFCS care who are in foster homes ... you do not have a clue! And to compare foster children to chamber members -- talk about apples and oranges. How about apples and turnip greens! Did you give any thought to the chances of some of these $55 paying folks just might also have opened their hearts and homes to some of these children? Has the thought crossed your mind that these same people who pay $55 for a dinner and a meeting, to keep the facts straight, are the very same folks who donate these school supplies to the foster care program? Have you considered the fact that these same $55 paying folks are the ones who give so freely at Christmas to DFCS to make sure the children have a good Christmas? How do I know all this? Because I do it and know many who do also. I am also directly associated with DFCS and foster children in volunteer work that I do in the community. Oh, I might add that these people who do give, do it because they care. Perhaps they give up one lunch out or a dinner out if they have to, but they do it because they want to. If this relieves the city, county or state of some financial responsibility, perhaps that will provide another service to a child in need. And one last thing ... I would venture a guess that the children in DFCS/foster care are better provided for than many of the children in this community who are not in care."

"My gripe is about the Georgia Department of Revenue. They sent post cards instead of the 2009 Individual Tax Booklets. They list a Web site, where I incorrectly assumed I could order booklets. Nope. So I e-mailed a request. Never heard back. The next day, Jan 12, I called and ordered tax booklets. Jan 29 still no booklets, so I call again. Meanwhile, I call New York's Department of Revenue for tax booklets on Jan 20 and they arrive Jan 27. Get it together Georgia! Also, we have filed as residents of New York and Georgia, and the New York tax is less! I kid you not. Mainly due to the higher amounts New York allows for personal and dependent exemptions, our New York taxable Income is always less than Georgia."

"This comment from the Jan. 30 poll is a great idea: 'It might be interesting to do a follow-up on the mayor's office ... pictures, costs, etc.'"

"After Whatley's and Goodman's absurd comments about the Citizen, maybe you should dig a little deeper. Where there is smoke, there is usually fire."

"I would like to comment to the person slamming Fox and President Bush. Although there was a surplus when Bush went into office, there was this little thing that happened during his presidency called 9/11. Do you remember that? We went to war and that was a major cost to the U.S. However, you and I were safe for all of that time. Although he was not perfect, he was a much better president than this Socialist we have in office today. Fox does not spin hate, they simply tell the truth and apparently you have a hard time swallowing that. I sleep good at night knowing I was not responsible for Obama being in office even though I have to deal with the repercussions of voters like you that are. If you want to say Fox spins lies and hate, perhaps you should watch mainstream news."

"Last month I spent $2,000, my income was only $1,600, which means I borrowed 40 percent of my expenditures. This month I will spend $2,400 (income is still $1,600) so I can get out of debt. Congressman Clyburn, SC (D) this morning said the U.S. government has to spend itself out of debt, so I am sure it will work for me. The official surplus/deficit for the Clinton years 1998, 1999 and 2000 showed surpluses $69 billion $125 billion and $236 billion respectively. As most of us know, each year the U.S. government places an IOU in the Social Security bucket and 'borrows' any surplus from that fund. When you back out the Social Security IOUs and the costs of government borrowing (about 40 cents on the dollar today), the Clinton surpluses become deficits of $113 billion, -$130 billion and $18 billion for those three years. Bush's deficit spending during his eight years amounted to about $2.2 trillion. Obama's deficit spending his first year was $1.4 trillion and this year's projected is $1.57 trillion. That is nearly $3 trillion in two years. To be fair, let's not place all the blame on Bush or Obama. There are 535 members in the Congress who approve the budget. If we are truly concerned about where this country is headed (in bankruptcy) we should oust each and every one of them this year!"

"I think Mr. Whatley needs to quit attacking the newspapers for reporting the news. Looks like to me the scalded dog is always the one that howls. I subscribe to the papers so that I can be kept informed of what is happening in Newton County and the surrounding cities. It is very upsetting to me for the council to use my hard-earned money that I have to pay for my utilities and pay for themselves a retreat. If Mr. Whatley has been on all of the retreats that he speaks of, he must have had some mighty good 'cushy' jobs to pay for all of those 'free trips.' The paper states today there is a possibility of raising utility fees; looks like to me the mayor and City Council may need to take some classes on 'good financial practices' because they certainly do not know how to use them."

"George Washington is the only president who didn't blame his problems on the previous administration."

"When questioned about controlling government spending yesterday, Obama was quick to state that the last time we had a balanced budget, we also had a Democratic president. That's true! What he failed (again) to tell the American people was that at that time we also had a Republican-controlled Congress. Later, however, the Republicans did go on a wild spending spree."

"I was calling about the guy in Atlanta wanting to start his own basketball league with just white players. My take on it is simple -- his money is going to be spent for the players. Let him buy who he wants to. As far as race is concerned, what about BET - how many white people do they have on that? What about the Ms. Black America Pageant? How many white people do they have on that?"

"This is in response to the person who posted the comments about the white basketball team ... I agree ... Do we have a white history month? Do we have a NAAWP (National Association for the Advancement of White People)? Do we have a WET (white entertainment TV)? Or the same for Indians? Asians? Latinos? No, and why is it that we do for blacks? We shouldn't have anything that segregates us."

"I read tonight of former Gov. Roy Barnes' visit to Newton High School during which he spoke in celebration of Black History Month. Then I see where Rep. John Lewis is going to be at Newton High next week, also celebrating. Is it right that the former governor and now candidate for governor gets a bully-pulpit during this election year? Also, when is White History Month, or rather when is People-of-all-Colors History Month? I am not suggesting a White History Month; it just disturbs me that Newton High School is promoting candidate Barnes and perpetual candidate Lewis!"