Newton Poll - 01-01-11

The Newton Citizen Poll is a compilation of opinions submitted by readers. They do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Citizen newspapers. If you agree or disagree with something you read here, you may respond by e-mailing poll@newtoncitizen.com. Please remember that the Citizen Poll is not a forum for comments either for or in opposition to candidates seeking elective office.

"I was one of the many who complained about Turner Lake being closed because of the construction of the roundabout. Love, love, love it. If you find it too difficult to go in a circle please continue to use Washington Street."

"Am I the only citizen in Newton County who has been receiving their mail damaged and ripped in shreds in a plastic bag from the post office with nothing but a letter saying ‘sorry for the inconvenience'? No one seems to care ... not even the postmaster himself."

"I suppose you have noticed that your house insurance has probably gone up as well as your car insurance. Some people have had a property tax increase, although the value of their house has gone down. If you are on Medicare or Social Security you probably are getting less or paying more. Gas prices are climbing, food prices are going up and we are having bad weather. I don't know what to do about it except write your congressman, and it doesn't look like they really care. I suppose they will get their automatic raise. They used to have to vote on it but that made them look bad so they just made it automatic. The outgoing governor has feathered his nest so he can sit back now and relax at his fish pond. Of course, he was elected in for a second term so I guess the public thought he was OK. Our new one doesn't seem to be any better, but we will see. I could be wrong. If I am I will publicly apologize. I am starting to talk like the media — doom and gloom. Before I get wound up too tight., since it is the holiday season I wish you a Merry Christmas or if this doesn't get in until after Christmas, I hope you had a good one."

"To the person and his buddies who are threatening to just do laps for two or three hours on the roundabout: If you can afford the gas get 'er done."

"I love the roundabout, but no way I will spend three hours lapping it. On 12/23 I will come watch the guy lap it for 30 minutes (I need a laugh)."

"I hear the 12/23 Truck roundabout lappers did not show. They realized that they would be going in circles and the merry-go-round would be cheaper."

"To the person who commented about ‘The danger to America is not a Barack Obama'. Great minds form opinions, uninformed minds cut and paste. (Please give Glenn Beck credit for the propaganda you are cutting and pasting.)"

"To the person that is not willing to take a $10/hour job. It seems to be your biggest issue is your day care costs of $275 per/week. Simply stated, you need to find a way to reduce that cost. You and another person are the ones that decided to have two children — either by plan or mistake. Are you receiving child support from the other parent? Certainly unemployment payments will run out after 99 weeks. What will you do then? As I calculate it, in order to take a job that will closely equal the maximum unemployment weekly pay of $320/week where you can simply stay home, do nothing and not have all those extra expenses like child care, gas to go to work, you need a job that pays $20/hour. That's a $40K/year job. Do you have the skills, education, etc. that would qualify for $40K per year job? I understand well today's job market. Certainly a whole lot of other people would love to have a job that pays that much. If not you need to come up with another game plan and take the $10/per hour job rather than relying on the working taxpayers to pay for your life's decisions. Maybe it is taking a night job and have someone like parents, relatives, etc. watch your children while you work. Other people do this. Care for your children is the parents' responsibility. Remember, children never asked to be here. Do your part."

"Post Office delivery gets an F at our house! A large insurance settlement check arrived in a plastic sleeve with comments that ‘this was damaged by machinery.' It was torn in half and part was missing. The Insurance company said it was a ‘first' for them. Cards, all we receive any more, are often late. Grandparents had to send our youngster another birthday card with money after the one they sent did not arrive in two weeks. Then it shows up, dirty, edge mangled and almost a month late."

"I am in total agreement with the Saturday 12/25/10 caller who complained about our so-called elected officials allowing ‘cookie cutter' houses to be built all over the county and the garbage they brought in from DeKalb County. The people who purchased these houses with little or no down payment brought with them their crime, gangs, and dope (drugs). These elected officials allowed these subdivisions to be built on a country road system that had not basically changed since the horse and buggy days. Our Newton County drug unit seems to combat the large influx of illegal drugs with a Bubba, Cooter, and Boss Hogg type of mentality. They must be on some type of quota system whereby they only have to raid one black drug house every six months. I also agree with another caller who said our elected officials don't seem to care. We need more hard-nosed police officers who can get the job done for the public who hires them; rather than chasing after movie crews and doing traffic and guard duties for public and private events where they block half the town. Thank you for printing the Saturday Poll. My wife and I are retired and read it every week."

"I'm glad to see that Pork Chop is back."

"I wonder what the Newton County Board of Commissioners are thinking. They are acting as if the SPLOST has already passed by the voters. Don't they realize we are in a deep recession. I wonder if we should even consider SPLOST the way the economy is now. The people are hurting, many are out of work, these are the people who need help, not more taxes. The county has to learn to do without as the taxpayers are already doing. Please consider those less fortunate. I will vote against the SPLOST, and I will encourage others to do the same."

"It appears that Pelosi (‘We have to pass the bill so we will know what is in the bill.') and Reid (‘We will pass this bill.'), disguised as Morgan and Ewing, along with their minions, are hard at work in Newton County. Several millions of dollars in pork in one of the most stressed counties (19 of 20) in the nation. Newton residents, let's vote against this pork filled SPLOST and force these commissioners to delete this pork!"

"Well, looks like Mr. Ewing and Mr. Henderson are getting their way again. I didn't realize that they had free rein with the taxpayers money. Since when are parks in private subdivisions a good use for tax money? We would like to have a park in our subdivision too. Guess our commissioner didn't have enough pull to get us one. Mr. Ewing, I hope you and Mr. Henderson enjoy spending our money on your pet projects."

"I am writing in about the attendants that work at the McGiboney Road recycling center. I have witnessed them stacking cardboard out on the ground when there was an empty box for it to be put in. There is a nice gentleman that lives in the area who volunteers his time to help them stack the cardboard. They know this man is going to help them so they have left all this cardboard for him to put away in the appropriate place. The attendants are taking advantage of this man and something needs to be done about it. These attendants are allowed to scavenge the garbage daily and are capable of carrying off TVs and computers. My question is, if they can do this why can't they stack the cardboard in the appropriate place — isn't that their job anyway. ... It is also not fair the way they are treating the kind citizen who volunteers to help them with the cardboard. I will continue to stress my concerns about the attendants at McGiboney Road until something is done about them."

"This is in response to the person who wrote in a couple of weeks ago about the recycle centers in Newton Co. always being full. I hope this helps you understand why they are always full. Did you not know that the county had a lay off of employees. When the number of employees decreases and the amount of work stays the same .... Well surely you can figure out what that means, but in this county the amount of work does not stay the same, the ratio actually becomes worse due to the illegal dumping that occurs in this county. In case you can't figure it out, let me spell it out for you. You have less employees with more garbage to haul, so that might explain a little bit of a backup. In this county there are a total of 12 recycling centers ... On certain days during the week there are only three, yes I said three, drivers that are responsible for keeping up these 12 centers. Wouldn't you agree that's a little out of balance. All this illegal dumping needs to stop. The commissioners need to do something about all these surrounding counties dumping their garbage here for free. They don't pay taxes in this county because they don't live here so they dump for free. The drivers who are responsible for hauling garbage from these sites have had their pay cut due to unpaid holidays and have not had a pay raise in years. They continue to work and support these sites and are forbidden to confront the illegal dumpers or they could lose their job. These drivers are doing all they can within the limits of their job to haul your garbage off and keep these sites as cleaned out as possible. I think your question should be directed to the commission chairman and see what the board plans to do about the backup and the illegal dumping."