Ex-boyfriend leaves big mess at woman's house

Photo by Howard Reed

Photo by Howard Reed

On the Beat is an occasional reporting of various crimes and complaints confronted by law enforcement personnel in Newton County in the course of their duties. It is compiled by News Editor Barbara Knowles, who can be reached at barbara.knowles@newtoncitizen.com.

A woman reported to the Covington Police Department that her ex-boyfriend had come to her house and made quite a mess. There was bleach poured in the floor and all over her bed with an ashtray full of cigarette ashes smashed into the middle of it. All of her clothing was cut in half, possibly by a knife found in the living room. The refrigerator was unplugged and left with the door open. In the laundry room, powdered detergent was poured all over the room and on the clothing left there. She estimated the cost of the damages to be about $300.

Unmanned vehicle

A man went to Newton County Sheriff's Office headquarters to report that while driving down Interstate 20 between exits 98 and 101, he realized the utility trailer he was pulling behind his truck had disappeared. He said he wanted to know if anyone had been hit by a trailer or had reported one in the road. No word on the outcome.

Brotherly love

• A woman came to NCSO headquarters to report that she had purchased a motorcycle in her name and had given to her brother. He was to have it refinanced, put into his name and make payments on it. He had failed to do any of that, however, and had cut off all contact with his sister. She was told she had a civil, not a criminal, problem on her hands.

• A woman told the NCSO that she had allowed her brother-in-law to move some ladders using her van in August. Since then she has been unable to get him to bring the van back. He told her he would bring it back except he doesn't have any place to stay and all of his belongings are in the van. Another relative told her the brother-in-law was seen with the van at his mother's house in Ohio.

Dog off duty

A man reported that his lawn mower was stolen from his carport. He said he usually kept his dog tied near the lawn mower but had taken his dog with him when he left the house that morning. The value of the lawn mower was $6,500.

Fraud in Mississippi

A woman called the NCSO to report that she sold her 20-diamond wedding ring on Craigslist for $10,000 to a man in Mississippi. She sent the ring by FedEx, but the cashier's check he sent her proved to be fraudulent.

Fightin' like cats and dogs

A man notified the NCSO that he heard a loud commotion outside his home and when he went outside he saw some "German shepherd-style" dogs running away from his pickup. Upon closer inspection, he found the wiring harness had been chewed in half and there were large paw prints all over the hood grill and front fender of the vehicle. He said he believed a stray cat had sought refuge inside the engine compartment of the vehicle and the dogs were after it. He advised the deputy where the dog's owner lived and after the deputy informed that person, he said he would be in touch with the truck owner about damages.

Nothing's sacred

A man reported to the NCSO that his truck was stolen from a Salem Road church parking lot while he was attending evening services.

Just the essentials

• A man was caught at Rite Aid trying to conceal a bottle of Theraflu in his pocket. The man had purchased some suppositories, but apparently thought the Theraflu was on the house.

• A woman was caught shoplifting at Rite Aid on U.S. Highway 278 when she attempted to leave the store without paying for the following items: hair spray, aloe lotion, Advil, Vicks VapoRub, Robitussin DM and lip gloss.

• A man was arrested at Publix for attempting to steal chicken tenders and fries valued at $10.

• A man was seen at Kroger pushing a shopping cart full of items he did not pay for into the parking lot. When an employee confronted him, he claimed he dropped the receipt and pushed the cart into the employee. The cart contained a power juicer valued at $120, $40 worth of Iams dog food, a 30-pack of toilet paper valued at $20, a case of Samuel Adams beer valued at $85, a $22 case of Natural Lite beer, $34 worth of miscellaneous fruit and $70 worth of miscellaneous nuts.

No winners here

A man reported to the NCSO that his child's mother entered his home without his permission and attacked him. The woman said he became enraged when she entered his home and damaged her vehicle. Both of them went to jail.

Another fan

A man reported to the NCSO that someone stole his Miami Hurricanes mailbox from in front of his residence. He said he had used the mailbox at his old address and those numbers could still be seen.

A common problem

A man was stopped by a CPD officer for not using his turn signal. The officer asked for his license and the man said he didn't have one because his license had been suspended. He was arrested. The officer discovered the man was driving someone else's car and in a gesture of good will, contacted the owner to come pick it up instead of having it towed. Unfortunately, she was unable to come pick it up because her license was suspended as well. She opened negotiations with her aunt and uncle about picking it up.


A woman called the NCSO to report that she had received a bill from Sprint for $2,392 for cell phones she did not purchase.

Grab a broom

A woman called the NCSO to come to her house. When the deputy arrived she told him she asked her daughter to sweep up the kitchen and the juvenile had refused. The daughter was detained for disorderly conduct.