Newton Poll - 12-18-10

The Newton Citizen Poll is a compilation of opinions submitted by readers. They do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Citizen newspapers. If you agree or disagree with something you read here, you may respond by e-mailing poll@newtoncitizen.com.

"I never thought the roundabout would work, so I was against it. It works great; so now I'm mad that those for it made me look stupid."

"What is wrong with you people? Why can't you S-T-O-P when a big yellow bus is flashing its lights indicating it is stopped and picking up youngsters! Are you drunk? I would hope not at 7:15 a.m. Are you an undocumented resident who hasn't taken the time or interest to learning the laws of this state? Or are you just plain stupid? Thank the Lord stupid isn't against the law! There aren't enough jail cells to hold all of you."

"To the person who waited 15 minutes to get their turn on the roundabout. You were waiting for the light to change. Also, please tell the person who did 25 laps on the roundabout to go walk at Turner Lake, no cars there and much safer."

"I want to say 'Thank You' to the Newton County Fire Department. Every year volunteers with the Fire Department drive through our neighborhood with 'Santa' seated on the front end of one of the fire trucks. He then gets out and offers a stuffed animal and candy cane to all the children. It is such a treat and a kind gesture. Thank you!"

"I would like to thank the Citizen for doing a better job of communicating the facts regarding the Rails to Trails issue. We need to establish an open forum to discuss the pros and cons of the proposed conversion to a trail. Many families are very concerned about this issue because the railroad track runs literally through their back or side yards. There are any number of privacy and security issues related to changing the rail road into a trail. 'Trail Heads' or parking areas would be required. Untold numbers of security lights would have to be installed and the taxpayers will have to pay for all the electricity. If one takes the time to walk the rail line it will become evident just how close many homes are to the line. From a law enforcement perspective I can see where it would improve overall access to many residences. I suppose that the trail would be treated just like any other public thoroughfare and the rights of individual property owners would always be protected; however, opening up one's picnic area to the public view is a bit much. Certainly the vast majority of trail users will be good honest folk, many of which carry cell phones and would call 911 at the drop of the hat if they saw something wrong on your property. That is all well and good; however, what is a homeowner to do when they choose not to have their family gatherings made 'public?' I can just picture me drinking a beer over at my buddy's house right by the track when my marathon running preacher comes down the trail. They'll probably take me off the prayer list down at the church."

"I just read about the woman whose unemployment is about to run out. That is unfortunate; however, it said she turned down two jobs that would have netted her $15 a week. Instead she chose to sit back, relax and take a handout. Unemployment needs to be fixed. There needs to be a supplement for someone added to the income for the job she turned down. Whatever it would be would be less than the total she's getting now. She would be contributing and there would be more money to go around for people willing to get out and work!"

"This comment is for the 'retired law enforcement officer' who apparently knows how the drug enforcement in Newton County works. If you are such an expert on how to deal with the drug rates in our county, please feel free to call our local drug enforcement agents. As a courtesy, I'll provide you with the phone number: 770-784-2723. There. I'm sure they would absolutely love your expert opinion. I mean, who works Newton County anyway, right? Who has policies and procedures? Drug agents can just run all over the county locking up petty violators instead of chasing the big boys. Silly agents. Yes, please, oh please call them."

"To the responder on my comments on the Newton County - '401K Highway' (in my book) and many others. Yes, you are almost correct and I made a technical error by 30 miles per your 'guesstimate'. There is in fact a Cumberland Gap, TN and Virginia aka 'Gateway to the West'; founder near the point where Dr. Walker and Daniel Boone explored located 42.18 miles east of Jellico, TN off of I-75 on U.S. highway 25E. Could not find a city, town or anything like that for Kentucky. But did find a Cumberland Gap National Forest in Kentucky, also in Tennessee and Virginia. The closest town to the 'Gap' is Middlesboro in Kentucky. So I will rephrase my statement: 'Sure glad this construction company did not get the contract to build a 42.18-mile-long road from I-75 (near Jellico, TN to the town of Cumberland Gap, TN.) as they would still be working on it. Certainly, there is no comparison -- they didn't have today's much more productive machinery to do the job."

"I just wanted to say thank you to the guy that took care of the piece of crap that tried to rob him Saturday in Conyers. He brought a knife to a gunfight and lost. Let that be a message to the rest of the low life in the area -- the law-abiding citizens are tired of you all breaking into our houses and robbing us. We are not putting up with it anymore. Sir, thank you."

"OK Newton County, how many accidents does it take to upgrade a dangerous bridge with guard rails? Or is it how many people have to receive serious injury or die? The bridge over the creek on Oakhill Road has no guardrails or safety barriers in place to keep anyone from driving off the bridge, as has happened in recent days. This has got to be one of the most dangerous bridges in Newton County, but is getting no attention. Guess there are more important things to get done like the agricultural center that Mr. Ewing wants in his district. Guess the bridge wouldn't bring in enough tax dollars."

"I live in Newton County also, and I read the opinion in your Saturday, Dec. 11th poll where the retired law enforcement official was critical of our drug police. I also read outside newspapers and watch the TV news. I agree with the retired official that Newton County law enforcement is unable to cope with our illegal drug situation. I would guess that most of Newton County's citizens have a family member, a close relative, or know someone who has a drug problem. They never seem to arrest anyone bringing large quantities of drugs into the county or those who locally manufacture illegal meth. The sad thing is that our local elected officials don't seem to care."

"I am calling in reference to the comments in your recent poll about the Porterdale Fire Department. I strongly agree with the Fire Department responses in that paper and the residents that called in back complaining to be with the Fire Department. A few years ago my house was full of smoke and the Fire Department came to my house and said that my dryer was smoking. It turned out it was a can of pine cones five houses down from my house. So, therefore, yes, Porterdale City Council needs to jump in there and do something with the Fire Department and the council members that are on the Fire Department need to move on or do something else or whatever."

"As a life-long Democrat the Tea Party really took over the last election. It really hurt a lot of good Democrats. They were defeated not because they were doing a good job, only because of the 'D' on the ballot. But locally we did a good job re-electing on the county level. The Tea Party is a good thing if it is really done right. No more taxes, less government, but Sarah Palin also said God created the war in Iraq so it scares me as an ex-veteran. I was in Iraq in the early '60s. God did not create that war. But on the local and county level the new SPLOST wish list might be in trouble. If the party votes the right way no more taxes. I believe the one cent sales tax is a tax."

"This is concerning the new movie being shot on the Square in Covington. I just passed through there a few minutes ago. It took me 15 minutes before I moved anywhere. There was no cars moving anywhere. They had blocked off all entrances to the Square for that movie show. People standing there stranded and it was close to Christmas time. Must of been 100 cars backed up around the Square and down the side streets. I spoke to Cotton and told him what I am about to tell you -- that is a bunch of you know what. Somebody needs to look into this Newton County Chamber of Commerce thing. This is nothing but a public relations department and they are not doing their job. I would like to know their annual salary is for the employees and the utilities for that building on an annual basis and tell me how they justify that output for the input they are getting."

"I am dying to hear the local leadership defend the state of the county. The 19th most economically challenged county in the country. Sure some of it is because of the economy, but remember the rest of the country is also in a recession and we're doing worse than all but 18 counties. A lack of planning and a distorted view of reality by the local leadership is our biggest problem. Shape up or step down and let someone else have a go at it."

"It did not surprise me that Newton County is one of the 20 most economically stressed counties in the United States. In addition to unemployment, foreclosures and bankruptcy, I think the increase in crime within the city of Covington is causing businesses to close or move to other locations. Also, a lot of my friends are driving to other locations to shop because they do not feel safe shopping or dining in the city of Covington. How could a store like Radio Shack, which is in a well traveled area, get burglarized? Why are we having so many robberies? Why are drug houses popping up all around the city? Someone is not doing their job! I cannot understand why the mayor and City Council are not holding our top city law enforcement officials accountable for the increase in crime. I hate to move to another city, but I cannot live in constant fear! Someone needs to be held accountable!"

"Post Office late delivery is becoming an all too regular occurrence. When you complain they just blow you off or point the finger elsewhere."