Newton Poll - 08-28-10

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"To the person or persons that sprayed my nice white wall in Porterdale. Maybe one day you will get the favor in return. It is a shame that people like you can do this and never get in trouble. Maybe when you get older and have to work hard to make your place look good, then you will think about what you did on Aug. 20, 2010, to my wall. Also thanks to my neighbor for reporting it to the police."

"To anyone who wants to talk about Islam, and state that it is a religion of peace -- It's kind of true. To all Christians that talk bad about Islam: Do you really know about it. Take time, get a copy of the Koran and read. You will not have to listen to all the non truth out there. It states very clearly what Islam is about. Then make your own judgment. I think it will scare you silly. With what happened Sept. 11. I think you will find that the building blocks to that day were laid many years before."

"To the person who wrote: 'I would like to point out that when Bill Clinton left office the U.S. Treasury had a surplus of over $200 million.' Bill Clinton did not pay off the debt. There was a surplus to the budget. Not the overall debt. There is no way one president will ever pay off the national debt. Don't be fooled by tricky statements. That surplus should have been put towards the debt, but it was used in welfare somewhere, imo."

"I love it! A civil counter-argument. I will definitely check out Wafa Sultan's book. However, I think that's why we have separation of church and state. It doesn't matter what religion you are. If you break our laws, you're done. I'm sure someone somewhere has written a comparable book about Christianity. There's lots of good stuff to draw from in The Book."

"I've read several comments about Popeye's going out of business in Covington, this is the second time they've gone out of business. Before Church's was Church's it was a Popeye's. I believe this was in the early '90s so maybe their closing is not just because of the economy. ... "

"To the person who believes that Bill Clinton paid off the national debt. The national debt is the total debt owed by the federal government. The budget surplus/deficit is the amount the government under or overspent in a given fiscal year. At the end of Clinton's eight years, the national debt was $5.67 trillion, an increase of $1.61 trillion from the previous administration. At the end of the last full fiscal year (FY2000) Clinton was in office, there was a surplus of $238 billion (which included $125 billion 'borrowed' from Social Security (both Democrats and Republicans have done that for years - and failed to repay it). This nation has had a national debt since 1791, which was at its lowest, ($33,000) in 1835, under President Andrew Jackson. To be fair: after eight years under Bush the ND increased to $10.02 trillion and the deficit to just under $600 billion; under Obama (in 19 months) it is now $13.3 trillion and $1.3 trillion, respectively."

"As a local business owner I recently attempted to hire a Covington Police officer for security. I wanted the officer to drive his patrol car to my business for the visibility, but I was told that I would have to pay the officer and then rent the car from the city for a crazy amount of money. As I sit and eat at (a local restaurant) this Friday 08/20/10, I'm looking at an officer working security standing next to his black unmarked police car. Is (the restaurant) renting the patrol car or are they only paying for an officer. If they're not then that's not right. I'm not looking to get something for nothing, but come on! I would like for someone to look into this because if (the restaurant) did not rent the car, what is the city's policy on using patrol cars on security jobs."

"It is my belief that the NAACP was started in this country by the Communist Party to destroy our Constitution and everything America stands for. It has taken them over 50 years but they will have succeeded unless we stand up for our rights. Even their name is racist. National Association for the Advancement of Colored People."

"Can someone tell me why places you apply for a job have to check your credit score to see if you can work there, when it's none of their damn business to know that in the first place, it's up to you to know and no one else."

"Hello there, Pork Chop again, and you know what ticks me off -- ladies night. Not that I don't love the ladies. I have a particular lady I'm fond of. Is it really fair, though, that the ladies get free cover charge at local dancing establishments and not Pork Chop? Pork Chop loves to dance. Let's say Pork Chop brings the heat to the dance floor, that's right. In these tough economical times Pork Chop needs to cut spending, well quit going some say. Not happening. Who am I to deny everyone of my awesome moves. That, my friends, is what ticks off Pork Chop. See you next week."

"I am questioning where the person got their information in the 8/21 Citizen Poll regarding Lady Obama paying for her luxurious vacation to Spain? Every report I heard on TV said we taxpayers picked up the tab for her and her Rock-Status entourage of 60. They all stayed in the same five-star hotel. I am not questioning security for her and her daughter. I do question why she needed a staff of 60 that we had to pay for? How can the Obamas relate to their constituents by being elitists? They stayed a bare 24 hours on the Gulf Coast. They only want to associate with the wealthy (The Hamptons). What type of message does this send to Americans who are wondering how to feed their families, keep roofs over their heads and their vehicles from being repossessed? We need to send Obama and his administration a loud message on Nov. 2nd -- now you will know what being unemployed feels like! This message for Obama himself will have to wait until 2012. May God bless America."

"I am glad to see that the city of Covington's budget is in good shape. I recently saw a white Cadillac Escalade with Covington government tag on back. Your tax $$$ at work."

"I just want to say God has never turned his back on his Christian people. The government and the American people have turned their back on God. ACLU, shame on them and all these homosexuals lifestyles. They the ones done turned their backs on God. America is in the gutter. God won't ever turn his back on his people."

"I was calling about the Atlanta teachers cheating on tests for the students. I was raised all the way through school and through life not to cheat and you are going to have teachers that cheat. I don't think there is no room in public education that do stuff like that."

"My son just came home from Cousins Middle School and said that a group called the Newton Hayriders had donated some school supplies at school. I would like to say thank you to the school system for accepting these and to the Newton County Hayriders for donating them to our schools."

"My daughter just came home from Cousins Middle School and said that the Newton Hayriders gave some school supplies to the school. Could you please give me some information on the Newton Hayriders as to who they are and what they are?"

"What is the difference in Roger Clemens lying to Congress than Congress lying to us?"

"Thank you to Chris Jeuschke for an excellent letter to the editor on Friday, Aug. 20, discussing the recent Covington Council changing the charter regarding the council membership doing business with the city. I agree totally with Mr. Jeuschke with his perspective."

"There are still heroes in Newton County. I was in Newton Plaza about 1:30 on Thursday afternoon and there was a snake in front of Newton Health Food Store. This lady picked it up with her hands put it in a box, taped it up and called Animal Control. Animal Control picked up the snake and let it go in the woods somewhere. Thank you to our heroes."

"I just made a phone call to the Sheriff's Department to talk to the sheriff about something and I was told their office hours are from 8 to 4. They only work from 8 to 4. I have never heard of anything like that from a public servant. If they got those kind of hours no reason we can't get patrolmen out on the street."

"I would like to ask the Sheriff's Department why we aren't a part of the 287G program. This is the program we arrest an illegal immigrant for something and question their citizenship and their right to be in the state of Georgia. There are only five counties in the state of Georgia that has that program, and we are not one of them. Gwinnett is. They just became part of it. I would like to know why we aren't part of it, so that once we arrest an illegal alien we can turn them over to Homeland Security and get them out of our state."

"I am very disappointed to see that NCSS did not choose to Race To The Top for federal funds. My child has to share a book in some of her classes, because there aren't enough textbooks to go around. Her school had a chance to win money from Big Lots, and they were more concerned about sports programs than academics. The teachers are having to take off days without pay, and our county chose not to have co-teaching this year in science, and social studies because of financial concerns. I know that Dr. Mathews is new to his job, but he needs to get busy and earn some of that big salary that we are paying him. Our children in Newton County are getting a substandard education. Parents, we need to be more involved and not let them get away with it. You can make a difference if you try!"

"This in response to the Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama lovers. Last week someone wanted me to give facts to back up what I said about Bill Clinton not being responsible for the economic prosperity of the '90s. Billy boy did not invent one computer, the software that goes with those computers or any of the cell phones that sold like hot cakes in that decade. That's fact one. It's sad that there are people out there that think that someone that couldn't keep his pants up when he got alone in the Oval Office, lies to a grand jury, the American people and his wife is responsible for doing great things, fact two. What Billy was responsible for in the '90s was to find those that were trying to blow up the World Trade Center, and plotting to destroy this country, but he failed miserably at that because the fact is when Obama bin Laden was offered to him by the Arabs, and this is fact three, he refused to take them up on the offer. Fact four is the thing that is most responsible for this mini depression we're in is the mortgage crisis started by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that goes back to the late seventies and Jimmy Carter. The fact is there is documentation that proves this, as reported by the N.Y. Times. Fact five is conservatives warned Congress that something had to be done about these mortgage companies before they screwed up our economy. Fact six is because there was a Republican in the White House people went and voted for another liberal that doesn't have a clue on how to get this economy turned around. Barry was on TV the other day with some more of his empty rhetoric saying that we're the party of 'yes we can' and they're the party of 'no we can't.' How cheesy has that become? If you have solutions to the crisis we're in, than let's hear them Mr. Empty Suit. The difference between these leaders and leaders like Reagan was that Reagan offered solutions. To get the economy going he lowered taxes. To give us national security he strengthened our armed forces, armed the Afghans so they could defeat the Soviets, and started the strategic defense initiative to shoot down enemy missiles. What happened? The Berlin Wall came down and the Russians wanted to be our friends instead of our enemies. That's leadership, not empty rhetoric."

"I would like to know if anyone else in the area is having problems with Charter Communications. I have my Internet service with this company and at least twice a month (sometimes more) I have to call them because my Internet connection is not working. When you finally get a person to speak to -- you are looking at two to three days before they will send someone out to fix the problem. Charter Communications has the worst customer service of any place I have ever had to deal with. Yesterday, I had to call because of no Internet connection. The person I spoke with had very poor English and a heavy accent. I asked this person four times to please transfer my call to another representative. I told him that I could not understand what he was saying and needed to speak to someone else. Please understand that I was being polite. Is it too much to ask for to be able to speak to someone who speaks clear English. I don't know if he didn't understand what I was saying because the guy just kept talking and the whole time I'm saying -- please slow down and speak clearly. I finally said 'Sir, I'm going to hang up because I can't understand you.' I did understand, 'Thank you for using Charter Communications.' The city of Covington did the citizens of this area a real disservice when they sold to Charter Communications."