ON THE BEAT: NCSO: Night of drinking leads to broken window at house

On the Beat is an occasional reporting of various crimes and complaints confronted by law enforcement personnel in Newton County in the course of their duties. It is compiled by News Editor Barbara Knowles, who can be reached at barbara.knowles@newtoncitizen.com.

'It was like a dream'

A man called the Newton County Sheriff's Office to say he was asleep in his chair when the window beside him was broken, startling him awake. He said he "thought" he grabbed the gun that was on a table next to his chair and shot twice out the back door, in the direction he "thought" he heard a noise. He went on to admit all this occurred after a night on the town when he was "still feeling the effects of the alcohol," and it took him a minute to realize what was going on. A full contingent of CID investigators and the crime scene unit were called to the scene. The window was broken, but no evidence of a prowler or that shots had been fired was found.

Better off keeping quiet

A Conyers Police Department officer stopped a silver BMW with loud music emanating from it as it traveled down U.S. Highway 278. As the officer approached the driver, it became readily apparent that he had been partaking of alcohol. He said he "wouldn't lie," and admitted to having one drink. That drink, however, was strong enough to make him forget his ABCs and how to count. He was arrested and later admitted having had "one mixed drink, a shooter shot and another shot."

'Officer, it's my nerves'

A woman called the CPD to say she left home to pick up some chicken wings and when she returned, she saw her estranged husband hurriedly leaving the house on his bicycle. Her daughter told her the husband had broken the bedroom window. Confronted by officers, the husband, who was bleeding from his left wrist, said he did it because his wife was "getting on his nerves." He went to jail.

Mysterious circumstances

A man called the CPD to report that an unknown person or persons had drilled two small holes under the headlight on the left front of his 1988 Ford Bronco.

* A couple called the NCSO to report their cars were broken into. Victim No. 1 said "10 CDs, an unknown amount of lighters, loose change, miscellaneous receipts and a pack of Kool cigarettes" were removed from his vehicle. Victim No. 2 said "an unknown amount of CDs, an unknown amount of lighters, miscellaneous mail and a small stun gun" were missing from her car. Although there were no obvious signs of forced entry into the vehicles, "complainant 1's door lock does not function sometimes and complainant 2's window was cracked."

No bargain here

A woman told an NCSO deputy that she went to the Dollar Store and purchased several items for a gift and also bought a gift bag for the items. Upon returning to her car, she found the gift bag was too small so she went back into the store to exchange it, leaving her pocketbook containing her wallet on the front seat and failing to lock the car. The wallet was stolen and nobody saw who did it.


A man repairing a roof asked that a report be filed at the NCSO that a customer's dog bit him. He said he knocked on the door, the woman opened it and the dog lunged at him and bit him in the stomach. He said he didn't want to press charges, nor did he want the dog done away with, but he did want a report in case the woman refused to pay his hospital bill. He had stopped by NCSO offices on his way to the emergency room.

'Calm down, dear'

A man called the NCSO to report that $600 had been stolen from his truck. A short time later he recanted and admitted he lied. He had actually spent the money on a car and he didn't want to tell his wife.