Newton Poll - 08-21-10

The Newton Citizen Poll is a compilation of opinions submitted by readers. They do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Citizen newspapers. If you agree or disagree with something you read here, you may respond by e-mailing poll@newtoncitizen.com. Please remember that the Citizen Poll is not a forum for comments either for or in opposition to candidates seeking elective office.

"Hello Newton County! This is Pork Chop here. I'm writing in to tell you what really ticks me off, the small opening in the hot sauce bottle. Now everyone who knows Pork Chop understand how much I love hot sauce. What I don't love is the small opening in the bottle. My right arm is nearly thrown out of place trying to shake the sauce out of the bottle. Well, thanks for reading what ticks off Pork Chop, and stay tuned next week for what ticks off Pork Chop."

"I had a completely different experience at Porterdale Elementary on the first day of school regarding traffic. I think there was two deputies working but I only dealt with one. The deputy even let me park in front of her patrol car because there was no parking. She talked to my daughter and that just made her day to have a deputy talk to her! I did not catch her name, but she was great! Thank you deputy for being a positive influence in our community."

"It is my understanding that Mrs. Obama's vacation was paid for by the Obamas. The Secret Service would be on duty wherever she was whatever she was doing. Is she not supposed to have a life? I am continually amazed at how far some people will go to hate on this couple when there are legitimate political reasons to grouse. While I'm grousing, why can't we stop littering all over our county? It's easy enough, keep your trash until you get to a receptacle. Please!"

"RE the comment on the Islamic culture center in the 8-14 poll ... Please read Wafa Sultan's A God Who Hates. It was in the New Book section of the library on a recent visit. It scared the daylights out of me. I had nightmares. This Syrian lady who has been in the U.S. for years writes about the evils of Islam. I was making comments like the one below until I read her book:

-----comment in the 8-14 poll..

'This is in reference to the approved building plan for an Islamic cultural center two blocks from Ground Zero. Newt and others say we should allow the completion of this project when there are Christian churches in Mecca. Who's leading and who's following? We're the land of freedom of religion. I don't care what Mecca is doing.'"

"To the person who said Bill Clinton didn't pay off the national debt, I would like to point out that when Bill Clinton left office the U.S. Treasury had a surplus of over $200 million. George W. Bush managed to spend all of it and more. Leaving us with a huge deficit again. Check your facts."

"To the person who thinks there should be a test to determine who should be allowed to vote, since it would have to be administered by the government don't you think you might be the first to fail it? If it is an intellectually based test, since it was Reagan who accumulated the biggest deficit in the history of the United States and that deficit became a surplus by the time Clinton left office, I suppose you'd fail that test, also. By the way, it was never suggested that the unemployed would pay a fine for lack of health care, it is the people who have a choice of health care and refuse to get any who will be fined -- the very people our taxes pay for now when they go to the emergency room not having paid their fair share already (i.e. bought their own insurance.) It is time this country work together to take care of it's own rather than fighting useless wars and making the incredibly wealthy richer. I am far from liberal, my husband and I are among the middle-class with the highest taxes, but I am tired of hearing so-called conservatives fight for politicians that seem to only pass laws that help the richest and least taxpaying among us! I, too, am tired of people too lazy to work, whether they be on welfare or rich and riding on the interest payments of the people who do work!"

"All elected officials, no matter where they are, in Newton, Rockdale or anywhere else across this great country, should receive a copy of the Aug. 14th Citizen comments relative to the best five sentences you'll ever read. The author hit the nail right on the head. I for one will make copies of it and distribute them where ever and whenever possible. Our government is taking us down the road which is exactly spelled out in the above five sentences and no one in any of the various federal departments will come forward and do something about it. Not to reflect on history, but these are the changes you asked for."

"Kudos to the history teacher! I enjoyed your lesson, but most people who live up and around these parts won't believe you. They will write you off as socialist liberal while they gorge at the buffets, complain about the free health care they receive that's been around since LBJ and then hobble to the mailbox to get their SSI check. Ain't it funny how they banter on about socialism with their own finger in the biggest socialist pie of all, Social Security."

"Hey citizens, are you tired of hearing and seeing some woman on the news in Clayton, or DeKalb, or Fulton county crying over a teenager that got killed by a low life gang banger. And then you have to listen to these idiots on the news giving you every reason under the sun for their son or daughter being a victim of rap crap music other than if you glorify pimps and gangsters you're going to live a short life. I can't tell you about the pimps because they just die in the streets or in prison and you never hear about them, but I can tell you about some of the famous gangsters. A gangster named Al Capone wound up going to prison, was disgraced and later died of syphilis. A gangster named Bugsy Seagull was shot through the eye while he was relaxing in his home. John Gotti was beaten to death when he was put away in jail by other prisoners. If you consider this glamour then there is no hope for you, but if you don't then tell these teenagers to stop glorifying losers."

"What is wrong with Newton County!? Our high school kids don't have books, but we can spend who knows how much money over on Hwy. 212 for Denny Dobbs Park and the new library!"

Editor's note: The funds for the park and library are generated by a voter-approved Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax and cannot be used for education funding.

"We can write into the Citizen Poll and vent our frustration, but that does not mean anything will change in Newton County. Disapproval is falling on deaf ears. The school system refuses to make the changes necessary to improve our children's education. The new candidates running for BOE are just representing 'more of the same.' The county commissioners refuse to progress from the 'good old boy network' and 'small town' mentality to making decisions to bring quality shopping, businesses, industry and therefore tax base to our county. The City Council members vote against improvements in our town that would be attractive to new residents. As a result, housing prices continue to fall, children are graduating yet uneducated, our taxes are increasing, and this area becomes less desirable for any new growth. Vent away, but until the powers that be start acting in a manner in which the residents want, it will not change anything."

"I have been trying to figure out why this great country is going to hell in a handbasket. God has turned his back on us. Could anyone blame Him? We have turned our backs on Him. The ACLU and Obama and his administration are trying to take God and religion out of everything. Obama said no to the National Day of Prayer Breakfast at the White House but made sure he attended the recent Ramadan celebration. He stated emphatically America is no longer a Judeo-Christian nation. Does anyone but me wonder why he made this statement? He has done so many things since he took office to try and change the way Americans are supposed to feel about Muslims. We aren't supposed to refer to the ones who murdered over 3,000 people on 9/11 as 'radical terrorists,' but the Koran can preach that anyone who is not Muslim are 'infidels' and should die! We must turn back to God or our nation will surely fall. He is the only one who can change what is happening to our great country. Wake up Americans before it is too late! Note: Only John G. Roberts -- the chief justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, who swore Obama in twice knows what book he placed his hand on that second time in the White House (it was reported no Bible could be found in the White House) could it have been the Koran?"

"Will the Board of Commissioners take a look at what used to be the Goody's store and try to attract Ross, Kohl's, or someone that could get that building filled or maybe a restaurant. We are losing businesses because the BOC are not doing anything. Here is Popeye's going out. What is next going out?"

"I observed in the road in front of the post office the other day in Covington a city employee (was) hitting a telephone post with his fist and just acting like there was nothing to it. Upon further investigation I found out he has been doing this quite a bit. I believe the city needs to try to get him help."

"I would like to tell this nation and the people that what this nation, America, needs is to get out their Bibles and read it because it says a nation divided will not stand, and the Republicans and Democrats are fighting each other and that is divided and they need to get down on their knees and ask God for guidance to lead this nation back to prosperity and for the people to have jobs and health care. This fighting is not doing any of the people any good and I think they need to pray about this thing."

"I am calling to make a comment about the dragstrip. We don't have anything against the dragstrip or Donny Clack. The only thing is that the piece of property he wants to put the dragstrip is not appropriate for Newton County. There is too many homes, too many neighborhoods around it. It backs up to some people's back yards and that is not fair. We all were here first. We didn't pay all this money for our homes -- $4,000 in taxes give or take some -- to be listening to cars running whatever time he is going to be doing it. He needs to find a piece of property that has nothing around it for miles and miles, and then if you chose to build a house there you know what you are getting into. I hope that Newton County will stick to its guns and not allow this to happen."

"I live in Porterdale. The thing is, I am in a wheelchair it seems like since I am not walking people don't stop for me in a pedestrian walkway. Just trying to open people's minds that even though I am in a chair I still need to cross the road."