Oxford students move in

Photo by Nate McCullough

Photo by Nate McCullough

OXFORD -- About 850 students will begin their classes at Oxford College next week. This week, many of those students will spend their time moving in their dorm rooms, attending orientation and getting used to being back in school.

This year, 3,873 students applied to the college, including students from 1,893 high schools. About 58 percent of those students, or students from 1,190 high schools, were accepted; and students from 421 high schools enrolled at Oxford this year. Enrollment increased about 13 percent this year.

"The 2010-11 enrollment at Oxford is approximately 850, the highest ever, bringing us to a target we had thought we would need a few more years to reach," said Oxford College Dean Stephen Bowen. "This was reached not only ahead of schedule but also with no dilution of admissions credentials, and in fact, with an increase in average SAT/ACT combined scores."

This year, the average SAT score of entering students was between 1690 and 2040, and the average ACT score was between 25 and 29.

The average GPA of the entering class is 3.5. Fifty-six students received four-year scholarships, which range from half tuition to full tuition, room, board and fees for all four years of an Emory education; and 126 received two-year scholarships, which range from $6,500 to $8,000.

The campus also is very diverse. While 46 percent of students come from the southeastern United States and 26 percent come from Georgia, the campus welcomes a student body that is 49 percent minority. Students come from 38 states and 20 nations.

About 52 percent of the class is female.

After orientation days and special events over the next few days, classes will begin at the college on Wednesday. A convocation ceremony marking the official beginning of the academic year will be held at 7 p.m.