On the Beat: Failure to dim lights causes man trouble

On the Beat is an occasional reporting of various crimes and complaints confronted by law enforcement personnel in Newton County in the course of their duties. It is compiled by News Editor Barbara Knowles, who can be reached at barbara.knowles@newtoncitizen.com.

Pays to be polite

A man with a Colorado address was driving down Ga. Highway 81 one night and passed a Newton County Sheriff's Office deputy, but refused to dim his lights. The deputy turned around and stopped him. Turns out he was driving on a suspended license so he was arrested.

What's cookin'?

A woman reported to the NCSO that while she was in the process of moving, somebody stole the stove out of her residence.

I'm harassed

A woman called the NCSO to report that while she was dating her boyfriend, he cheated on her with another woman. Now he's back and all is fine, except the other woman is allegedly making harassing phone calls, threatening to kill her.

* A woman called the NCSO to report that her estranged husband had been making threatening phone calls and had deleted her Facebook page.

Where's the dump?

An Emory Street business called the Covington Police Department to report the theft of their Dumpster.

Nails and a snack

Two women were arrested at Kmart after a loss prevention officer spotted them concealing four bottles of nail polish, one bottle of remover and one nail kit, leaving the health and beauty section and going into the pantry section where they selected five packages of snacks. They paid for one bag of chips and left the store without paying for the rest of the items which amounted to $37.71. They were arrested.


A residence on Fieldview Lane had the words "Haunted. Do not enter" spray painted on the front door.

Stay inside

An NCSO deputy reported as he drove by a residence, he saw two people standing in a garage door, smoking. He smelled the distinct odor of marijuana. He went back and they were arrested for possession.

Strange birthmark

CPD officers went to The Depot because of a reported fight. A man who was said to have gotten into a fight with another man at the bar because he wanted to dance with his girlfriend was approached by officers and asked if he'd been fighting. He said he had not. The officer noticed a scratch on his forehead that was bleeding, so the officer asked how it happened. The man told him, "I've had that scratch my whole life." Both men went to jail.

Doesn't love the truck

A citizen called the CPD after he heard a loud bang and observed a young man in a truck belonging to a local business. He said he watched the young man rev up the engine of the truck and repeatedly engage the gear shift from drive to park. Eventually, the drive shaft fell out. The witness said the young man got out and shoved the drive shaft back up under the truck and tried again, but it fell out again. He then got out and began swearing and kicking the truck. The young driver left the scene before officers arrived. The truck had been stolen.

'I've got the power'

A man was seen at Home Depot concealing a $99.97 power drill in his pants. He left the store without paying for it and was arrested. Turns out he was wanted in Clayton County for shoplifting as well.

Trying to tell

you something

A woman called the CPD to say that when she got into her car and started it, it began smoking. She investigated and the smoke was coming from cut wires which had led to her car alarm which wasn't working. Then she discovered that $300 in cash was missing from under the floor mat.

'It's me, officer'

A CPD officer answered a call at Wachovia bank in reference to a black male wearing a ball cap and a gray shirt who had tried to cash a fraudulent check in the amount $1,172.71. The bank teller photocopied the man's driver's license and Social Security card, but after checking told him she would have to keep the check because it had been reported stolen. The man got mad and left.

A couple of hours later, the same CPD officer got a call from a man at Wal-Mart who needed some assistance. He was wearing a ball cap and a gray shirt. When asked he provided the officer with his driver's license and Social Security card, a match for the one at the bank. He was assisted to jail.

Gang supplies?

The Little Store on Church Street was burglarized recently and the following items were taken: 11 sets of hair clippers valued at $481.68; 150 cross and bling boys necklaces valued at $148.50; 50 bandannas in a variety of colors valued at $49.50 and 15 shell necklaces valued at $14.85.

A clue

A woman called the CPD to report she had been burglarized. She said an unknown person had made entry through her kitchen window, but nothing had been taken. The officer found no sign of forced entry anywhere in the house; and the kitchen window, in particular, had unbroken spider webs around it.