Newborn to hold contest for slogan

NEWBORN -- What should be the slogan for the town of Newborn?

That's the question being posed to the public, and the one who comes up with the answer will be $100 richer.

The town is hosting a contest to encourage submissions of an appropriate slogan that will be used on town letterhead. Submissions are being accepted at Town Hall through Sept. 13. Mayor Roger Sheridan said the contest is open to all and is not limited to Newborn residents. There are no criteria for what the slogan has to express; a committee will pick the winner.

"We thought we ought to have some kind of slogan. The more we talked about it, the more we thought we ought to make a contest out of it, and then somebody said we ought to give (the winner) some money," Sheridan said.

The idea to create a slogan came about when research determined the town is apparently one of a kind, in that it is the only town in America to be named Newborn, Sheridan said.

A spokesman for the U.S. Postal Service confirmed that's the case, as far as the agency's database can determine. There is a New Bern in North Carolina and a Newbern in Alabama, but no other Newborn, said Michael Miles, spokesman for the Postal Service's Atlanta district. Miles said the database includes all towns and cities with post offices, and there is a possibility that there could be a small town somewhere named Newborn that receives its mail from another district, but Newton County's Newborn appears to have a unique name so far as he can tell.

Slogan entries can be submitted in person or by mail to Town Clerk Lisa Rowe at P.O. Box 247, Newborn, GA 30056. For more information, call 770-787-1660. Include a name and contact information. Names will be removed from submissions while they are under review by the committee, so everyone has a fair shot, Sheridan said.

In other Newborn news, the town is offering the use of the historic schoolhouse, currently closed for renovations, to Mansfield Elementary School. The building will be used by the school for plays and other events. The idea came about when a council member attended a school play her grandchild was in and had to sit on the floor due to lack of seating, Sheridan said. The schoolhouse is slated to reopen in early October.