Newton Poll - 08-07-10

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"Luckily some intelligent folks in Mansfield and Porterdale are pursuing the Norfolk Southern railroad deal offered to the city and the county, subsequently turned down by them. Short-sighted city councilmen refused to so much as look in to the details and forced an early veto on the project. Are these people not aware the purchase would be a gem for the county and maybe practically free to us. We are all aware that times are tough and that funds are scarce, but this grant money cannot be used for other purchases such as homeless shelters, food banks, or helping people pay their utility bills or mortgages. If it is not used for the specific purpose of trails it will be awarded to another county who will use it for its intended purpose. What a shame to lose this opportunity."

"In going to Social Circle post office Friday, I don't go over there often, but I noticed there is no right turn arrow when you want to turn back onto Highway 11. Is there any reason? Because there is a left turn arrow but there is not a right turn arrow."

"I'm an angry citizen of Newton County. I was just reading in the Newton Citizen about how that man did that dog in his back yard he put a heavy chain on it with no water and no food. Why don't the law do him that way and maybe that would deter some of these people from animal cruelty. Put a chain on his neck, put him in the back yard with no water, no food and let him stay out in this heat. I guarantee you that people would take notice and they wouldn't mistreat their animals like that because the law has got to change to stop these people from being so ... stupid."

"Well here we go again, everybody talk about Durden's Lawn Maintenance. Why don't everybody just stop talking about it. Let the commissioners do their jobs. You can't please everybody in Newton County, and don't even try. There are other things that are more important than worrying about somebody mowing grass. I think Durden's does a fantastic job. I just wish people would shut-up about it and it is over with now and just think about the other things in the world to worry about it."

"Mad because the new Oxford City Hall didn't spend extra money for a drive thru and the salary to have someone run it? Well, they are putting in a drop box for you folks. Whatever happened to mailing in your payment?"

"Am I the only taxpayer in America that is outraged that the Obama family is traveling around the world at taxpayers expense. Obama is traveling almost daily by either helicopter or airplane. His wife went on an all-expenses-paid vacation to Spain and took 40 of her friends and family members. Eric Holder went to Egypt. The everyday average American is having a difficult time paying their house payment, utilities and providing food for their families, but yet we have a stupid president that is doing his best to spend this country into poverty! When will the Obama supporters wake up and get this jerk and his cronies out of office."

"Your county commissioner gave us a Wal-Mart we did not want. Ours is going to give you a drag strip you don't want. To quote one commissioner -- a job is a job."

"I have a comment about the recent Back 2 School event that was held on the Covington Square. I think it is a great idea and understand that this year people had to register to receive an arm band. My question is, what, if anything, did they have to show to get this arm band? I would hope it was some proof of residence for living in our county and attending our local schools. The reason I question this is I heard two different people state that they did not live in Newton County but they were receiving our wonderful charity. How fair is it that if someone that lives here then did not receive anything? Like I said, it is a great idea but, unfortunately, you have people that take advantage of the system."

"I guess (a large home improvement chain) has some inside information from Obama regarding his plan to give illegal aliens amnesty. I received a new credit card 8-2-10 and the only difference is that on my old card on the reverse side where it read authorized signature, it now also reads FIRMA AUTORIZADA. The other change on the back of the card is card issued By/ TARJETA EMITIDA POR: Citibank (South Dakota), N.A. If this is a sign of the times, and I am sure it is coming if Obama has anything to do with it, I am ready to move to Australia. At least there everyone speaks English or a variation of same. Americans -- wake up -- can't you understand why Obama is doing this (and he will, even if he has to use illegal means). Everyone of these illegal aliens of voting age will repay him in the 2012 election by voting for him! He will steal another election. When is this insanity going to end. He wants to bring our great country down and make it a socialist state. We cannot allow this to happen! Vote Nov. 2 and rid Congress of all those who believe in what Obama is trying to do to America. Pray that God will help us accomplish this."

"Only in America can you be irresponsible and then expect to be rewarded for that irresponsibility by having the government bail you out. Go ahead and buy a house you can't afford, and the government will bail you out. Go ahead and run up thousands of dollars of credit card debt, and the government will bail you out. Go ahead and don't pay your taxes, and the government will bail you out. No need to be responsible any more because the government will bail you out. Sad thing is, the bail out money is coming from those of us who pay our bills. Where is the help for responsible people who are struggling to make ends meet but are living within their means and paying their bills? Where is the help for senior citizens who have lost a significant amount of their retirement savings in the stock market but are cutting corners to pay their bills? I'm tired of paying for the irresponsibility of others but then, I guess, they're really the smart ones. Only in America."

"I cannot believe our BOC has voted not to put the liquor by the drink on the referendum so the public can decide. The fact that Newton County loses $742 million per year to other counties should have been enough of an incentive to have it on the ballot. Whether or not you are in favor of this, anyone should be able to see that we are in need of new business in this county. Our BOC needs to get into the 21st century!"

"I am all for bringing business and jobs to Newton but the idea of a drag strip seems like a joke. The county currently does not have enough deputies to cover this huge county. I go to races; you will need cops. What about traffic control, roads, red lights, garbage on the road. How can this county afford to bring in a business that will only create a need for more money. The drag strip will bring employees from the other track, not new ones here. So the county will make money on sales tax from beer? It won't cover all the other expenses that we currently can't pay for."

"Remember when you and your siblings would watch a kung fu movie and when it was over you felt the need to turn your living room into a black belt match. I can see the same effect with a drag strip. Can't wait to see I-20 and 278 when you kick back a couple of cold ones and all you hear in your head is 'I wanna go fast.' Our roads full of Ricky Bobbys!"

"Where was Roy Barnes when the 'leader of his party' visited Atlanta? He was hiding in South Georgia so he would not be seen with the president (a term I used very loosely). I guess he knows that when this president shows up, do not have any contact with him since he ensures that Democrats lose -- just look at the Republican victories in Virginia, Massachusetts, and one other state (three jobs the president 'created'. King Roy is out kissing union butts (especially the teachers unions) in hopes of getting their votes. Sorry, King Roy and the President will never lie except then their 'lips are moving.'"

"Darrell Huckaby is on the loose again. His recent viewpoint is titled 'Obama's destructive agenda' - this is his opinion and shouldn't be used as a title. When he writes humor he's OK for a UGA grad, but when he talks politics he loses his objectivity. He has a sentence that reads, 'He has created a national debt that our grandchildren's grandchildren will still be trying to pay off.' As a history teacher he should know we have had a national debt since Andrew Jackson paid it off in the 1830s. I'm sure he knows that Reagan (ol' 'deficits don't matter'), Bush and Bush ran up 70 percent of the national debt. The only recent president to reduce the debt was Clinton, who left a budget surplus of $236 billion at the end of his eight-year period of prosperity, which was quickly turned into a $1.414 trillion deficit with the tax cuts for the rich. While the current administration will have a big deficit from trying to fix the mess left to it, it's not true to state Obama 'created' the national debt."

"Way to go Henderson, Ewing, Simmons for voting against by-the-drink sales. ... Sales by the drink would move the county forward and would be able to grow. The county is going broke, right? so let the constituents vote and let us decide. You, after all, do work for us. The three of you would not know a good idea if it fell from the sky and hit you in the head."

"I have noticed if you go into any of the stores in the state of Georgia you can find any Georgia item you want but nothing of Tech. What is the problem here. Georgia Tech is a local team but yet you can find Tennessee, Florida, Alabama, Oklahoma, Ohio State, Kentucky, any of those but where are Georgia Tech outfits at? You can't find them. What's the problem here. Why don't we start selling our home team stuff."

"I have seen and heard about the cuts on our Newton and Rockdale sheriff's departments. About Sheriff Ezell having to lay off 12 officers on patrol and about the now shortage in our jail, especially with the high-risk inmates in jail for murder, rape and other serious crimes. I believe two officers to guard over 100 inmates, that is a problem there. I also believe the same thing is happening in our sister county, Rockdale. Why don't Sheriff Brown and Sheriff Wigington adopt the same thing the sheriff in Gwinnett has about the illegal aliens in our jail. Check them out and see if they have serious crimes and if they do send them home with a one-way ticket back to their own country. That would save the county a lot of money."

"This is one of your readers. Can you please tell me when the economy has opened up because I made $20 today and I just don't know what to do with it. Should I spend it, bury it, put gas in my truck, or put $10 on my light bill. You see, I haven't had a job in two years so this is a major decision. Help me."