Live-in nurse, boyfriend accused of theft of medications

COVINGTON -- The Newton County Sheriff's Office Criminal Investigation Division is looking into allegations that a nurse and her boyfriend stole medications from her patient.

The victim is a retired police officer and he told the NCSO that his nurse had stolen eight different medications from him after having them filled at the pharmacy, using his debit card, said NCSO Public Information Officer Courtney Morrison.

He told investigators he noticed he wasn't receiving the correct medication and when he called his pharmacy, he was told they had a report on him for abusing medications and had stopped filling his prescriptions.

"The pharmacy believed he was the one abusing the medications," Morrison said. "He went to where his caretaker was staying in his home and found empty prescription bottles."

According to NCSO incident reports, the victim confronted the nurse and she left the home, but later the victim discovered a quantity of receipts that showed that multiple prescriptions had been purchased at other pharmacies also using his debit card.

The victim told authorities he believed the woman was reselling the medication.

Morrison said most nurse practitioners who help people in their homes are honest and reliable people, but she cautioned that background checks should be made.

"It is important when hiring someone to live in their home and have access to personal information and money, that they get background information on them," she said. "Know who you are allowing to come into your home because people will tell you anything to get inside your house."

The investigation into this incident is ongoing.

In other crime news, a Covington man apparently loaned his Suzuki GSX-R100 motorcycle to his cousin in Cobb County, but it was stolen while in the cousin's possession, according to an NCSO incident report.

The cousin reported the theft to the Cobb County Police Department, but the Covington man was impatient and "called several biker buddies and put his own lookout for his motorcycle," the report states.

Sure enough, a few days later on Aug. 3, he got a phone call from a friend who said he was following the motorcycle and the driver took it to Shannon Lakes apartment complex in Fulton County. The Covington man went to the apartment complex, loaded his motorcycle on a trailer and left the area because he said he felt "unsafe," the report states.

He called the Cobb County PD and told them what he'd done and they told him to take the motorcycle to his home county's sheriff's office to run the VIN number and make sure he had the right motorcycle.

It was the right motorcycle and Cobb County PD told the NCSO to release it to the victim.

Also, on Tuesday a young man who was reportedly upset over losing his girlfriend vandalized both his neighbor's and his mother's house in Stone Ridge subdivision, according to an NCSO incident report.

Deputies were called by the neighbor who said she thought her house was being burglarized when she heard her living room window shatter. She went outside and saw a young male walking away from her residence with bricks in his hands, the report states.

The woman said he then went to 250 Stone Ridge Way and she witnessed him breaking several items in the back of that house, go inside and stay there.

Deputies arrived and saw the suspect leaving the residence. They apprehended him and discovered that he actually lived at 250 Stone Ridge Way and had done damage inside that house, as well.

When deputies asked him what was going on, he told them he was upset over losing his girlfriend. His mother said she did not want to press charges, but he was charged for breaking the neighbor's window.

Tommy Lee Lundy Jr., 18, of 250 Stone Ridge Way, was arrested and charged with criminal damage to property in the second degree.