Schulz to host first fireside chat of '10

COVINGTON -- District 3 Commissioner Nancy Schulz will host her first fireside chat of 2010 at 7 p.m. April 29 at The Oaks Course, located at 11240 Brown Bridge Road. The topic up for discussion will be priorities for the fiscal year 2011 budget.

"We know there are going to have to be substantial changes and some cuts. We have a revenue shortfall projected. Unless we can figure out some way to generate more money we're gong to have to make some substantial changes," Schulz said. "There are 63 mandated services we have to fund and those have to come first. Then it comes down to what's going to be our priorities we feel as commissioners we need to have in place to provide for the citizens of the county, while at the same time insuring the long-term health of the county."

To do that, Schulz said she needs public input.

"The residents need to be involved because if we cut some services, they'll have to adapt. I want the residents to help me make those choices. I don't want to impose those choices on them. I want us all to work together, all come to the table and problem solve," she said.

The meeting is primarily to hear concerns and get input from residents of District 3, although it is open to all residents of the county.

Schulz will also be seeking input from residents on how often they would like to have input meetings. She held one per quarter during 2009, each focused on a specific topic.

"I am a great believer in having the community involved in the process of government," she said.