Newton Poll - 04/17/2010

The Newton Citizen Poll is a compilation of opinions submitted by readers. They do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Citizen newspapers. If you agree or disagree with something you read here, you may respond by e-mailing poll@newtoncitizen.com.

"The administration at Clements Theme School is great. The school has really grown. It was a rough start to the school year. Not everything was the school's fault. The teachers have hung in there. The parents who really care have hung in there. I can't wait for my child to have a second year at Clements."

"The trails -- in today's economic atmosphere are we really concerned about trails? Does Newton County not have bigger concerns? The problem I see is that proponents of the trail project say things like, 'It will create jobs,' but they fail to say what sort of jobs, how long will these jobs last, where will the money come from to pay for these jobs and how many people will actually be hired to do these jobs. The trails will 'bring people to the community to spend money.' Great, but what is the draw? Maybe bike races .... ? Why will people come to the community and for what? Be more specific! 'The communities along the trail will benefit.' Again -- how? Bikers are not likely to stop and dine at the corner restaurant and the corner restaurants are already going out of business. They will not be able to stay open for that occasional bike rider who wants a burger. Jim Marshall has applied for a grant to help obtain this property and that is wonderful on his part, but the question still remains, 'Where is that money coming from?' Do we believe it just materializes or will we actually, in some way, be paying for this through taxes, etc.? IF the railroad donated the property to the county and the county could just sit on it until the county coffers had excess funds -- maybe it would be a good idea but now, there will be opposition in droves. Suggestion: Don't make statements without being specific ... "

"Someone suggested that you should not watch Fox. I have some advice for the uninformed. I watch Oberman and Madow and O'Reilly and sometimes even Beck. The reason I watch both sides is because of some advice from my dad. He listened to several news programs on radio. He especially disliked one named H.V. Kaltenborn. I asked him why he listened to him and he said that he paid attention to him so he would know why he disagreed with his point of view. Many times when we vote, we pick the one we like the least, not knowing all sides. I only wish we could have a choice of NA - none of the above. My advice is check both sides, the left and right. Then you can say you are making a well-informed choice. I even read ole Darrell and know why I agree or disagree with his views. Never not check all points of view."

"To the person who quoted Proverbs: Funny that you assume I am homosexual -- I'm not. I'm just a kind person who believes everyone has a right to love whomever he/she wants without interference from people like you. So if God thinks it's such an 'abomination,' then He'll deal with it. Mind your own business and don't judge! By the way, God didn't sit down at His desk and write the Bible. It was written by humans and has been edited over the centuries to include and exclude information based on what the Catholic Church approved. One more thing ... while you're preaching the abomination of homosexuality, do you also sacrifice animals to God, or wear a head-covering? The Bible says you're supposed to. Since I'm betting you don't, you and a lot of others obviously pick and choose the parts of the Bible you live by ... and it's usually the ones that you think give you the right to judge and ridicule others!"

"I wish to make a comment on the disrespect of some of the drivers in Newton County. While I was on my way to church on Sunday driving down Ga. 36 I saw an ambulance approaching, coming towards me. I slowed down, pulled to the right side of the road and stopped and then watched as the cars in front of the ambulance continued to ride directly in front of it. I learned to move out of the way of emergency vehicles when I got a trainers license. Did the law change regarding this? My fellow Newton County drivers, please pull to the right side of he road when there is an emergency vehicle approaching. Who knows -- it could be your loved one in there."

"It is about time two men of honor have put their hat in the ring. Two men who know our county, who have worked hard for us in the past. Thanks Mr. Corley and Mr. Sims. Now we can have real change and hope, not a lot of hot air."

"To the poor soul who lives on Alcovy Trestle Road facing the halfway home for criminals, ask the state if they can work for their housing by directing traffic, handing out earplugs and picking up trash that the drag strip will bring your way. A plus if they can plant acres of trees to offset the pollution. The state will need to open a facility for us after we lose our sanity from our rapidly changing community, we will need the health care. You have to love those pens that only write behind closed doors."

"Just read that NCR was given $60 million in tax breaks by the state. Nothing 'out of pocket,' just no or limited taxes (collected). However, NCR brought 1,250 jobs to Duluth and 870 to Columbus. That's what it takes to compete in the business of bringing companies to the state. Now Newton County needs to step up to the plate and work to bring some of these companies to our county. Think what 2,120 jobs in Newton would do ... "

"You can't fix stupid -- but you can vote it out!"

It is really sad that some parents at Clements Theme School are not more informed and are making negative comments concerning the PTO with out knowing all the facts. It seems that many need to get the whole story before they start criticizing the PTO. Why don't you ask the PTO members? I am sure they will be happy to fill you in on all the hard work they have completed this past year for all the children at CTS as well as all the trouble they have had to deal with. Get all the facts, you might be surprised at what you learn.

"How ironic! I received my property tax revaluation notice on tax day, April 15th. Perfect timing, I'd say.