Newton Poll - 04/10/2010

The Newton Citizen Poll is a compilation of opinions submitted by readers. They do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Citizen newspapers. If you agree or disagree with something you read here, you may respond by e-mailing poll@newtoncitizen.com.

"I have been told that the 2010 Census will set up an information center with Newton Senior Services at Turner Lake. Please publish the dates and times when this will occur. Thank you."

Editor's note: The Senior Services Center is no longer a Census information site, according to the local Census coordinator.

"I have severe allergies, and I hate this time of year. Sure the weather is nice and it feels great outside, but I actually look forward to every chance of rain we get. Every day I pray for rain and people tell me I'm crazy for that. Well, if they knew what I go through, they would feel the same."

"Why are members of the PTO at Clements going around trashing the school? My neighbor is appalled at their behavior. It is obvious that when they cannot get their way they pout and whine. Grow up and leave the administration and the teachers alone. You are making their jobs more difficult. A real PTO does not think they control everything. There is a reason that everyone has a principal. They have to make decisions that benefit all of the students, not just those of the PTO. The sad part is the PTO board members have only attended one PTO meeting since November. The meeting they attended was on 2/25 when they thought they would get the president of their choice. ... "

"I would like to thank the nice man who brought my wallet all the way to Covington after he found it in the middle of 138. It was so awesome of him to do this, and I wish I could have thanked him in person!"

"I agree with the comments in the Poll on April 3, concerning Darrell Huckaby and his Republican agenda. I hope he is not teaching his slanted, right-wing opinion in the public school system. God was not a Republican and Christ was not a capitalist. Many citizens of Rockdale and Newton counties ignore the corruption of the Bush administration and are not even aware of what Sonny Purdue and the state Republicans have done to harm the great state of Georgia. Please watch something besides Fox news. Better yet, do real research about current events. You might just become nonpartisan and support what is best for our nation and not for the interests of Big Business."

"I was in line Thursday (4-1-10) afternoon at Oak Hill School waiting to pick up my child. A dark Ford Expedition ... was parked a few cars in front of me. A small child in the SUV threw out a soda can in front of the school where everyone was parked. The mother did not even get out and pick it up. If you want your child going to school in the ghetto, then take them there."

"When will the Clements PTO become ashamed of itself? They chose to allow parents to vote for a president on 2/25. They did not like the candidate. I am embarrassed that while I was picking up my child at Fairview, parents and a staff members were talking about how they wanted to get rid of the new president at Clements. What about working together for the children at Clements? This is so embarrassing. They need to stop blaming administration at Clements and look at how destructive they have been."

"Forty-seven years ago we bought an acre of land on Alcovy Trestle Road and built our home. There were no phones and the road was dirt, but it was ours. Over the years our neighborhood has grown to about 15 hard-working, tax-paying families and our property value has grown along with the increased families, until now. At the stroke of a pen, the county has destroyed all we have worked for all these years. It seems that property (nearby) has been purchased ... to start a halfway house for criminals. When I contacted planning and zoning, I was told that as long as (the owner) has the proper permits this will be allowed. If (the owner) is being paid by the state to house these people, isn't that a business? How then is this allowed in a residential neighborhood? Someone please explain this to me. I plan to appeal my tax assessment when it arrives because no matter what the assessment is, no one would buy my property right next door to a halfway house. The value, now is zero as far as I am concerned."

"I just read the comment about last week poll on the Second District. Please use an open mind when you read my comments. I do not play in party politics. I give both sides a hard time. I said the past three commissioners have not served us well -- two had an (R) behind their name, one with a (D). Folks, if you want someone who only thinks about party and have someone who wants others to pay for his and his wife's dinner, then vote for them (nothing will change). I am looking for someone who serves their community, all the community, not just party members and friends. By the way, I am still looking for that person. I hope he or she joins this race as an independent. That would be a refreshing change and hope. By the way, I was one of the people that voted for the last guy. To the people of the Second District, as the kids say, 'My Bad.' By the way, I have lived within 5 miles of Salem Road and Brown Bridge Road for the past 35 years. I want to leave a better place for our children and grandchildren. So far my generation has failed."

"I have always been a staunch believer that a public school education can, and should, be as good as any education available, however, I am beginning to seriously doubt my belief. As a parent of a child in the Newton County School System, I am horrified to see that Newton County ranks 110th out of 158 school districts in Georgia on Schooldigger.com, behind Fulton, Rockdale, Walton and Henry. Newton County is one of the only counties in the area that can't even agree on a school calendar for next year. A quick review of recent minutes and agendas shows that March 2010 was the first time the 2010-2011 school calendar was even listed on the agenda for discussion during the monthly board meetings, meaning we are already five months behind where we were in planning for 2009-2010. Is it any wonder so little is being accomplished in our schools when choosing something as simple as a calendar (even Rockdale has theirs done) is beyond the grasp of our board."

"I would like to thank Sheriff Ezell Brown and all the good (things) his team and the Newton County Sheriff's Office offer our community. Special thanks to the Crime Suppression Unit for all the work they do. They come into our communities and make sure our communities are safe for our own well-being, as well as our children. Thanks to all the deputies for all the work they put into our communities. They go out every day and risk their own lives to protect our communities. Just saying, give thanks where thanks is due."

"To the person tired of hearing about the 'less fortunate:' I am going to assume that you were referring to those who don't want to work, but just in case ... I didn't drop out of school, don't have any children, and when I bought my house, I had a good job. I don't have an iphone, Blackberry, or a fancy car; I color my own hair and I don't get my nails done. But I, like so many others, lost my job last year and soon I will not be able to afford health insurance because it costs $500 a month! So before you start pointing fingers, think about that and consider yourself lucky, not 'more productive!'"

"I am going to be going away, moving away. I hope you will put (my) last comment in y'all's Newton Citizen. I am sorry about the past. I would like to say to the ... person who said something about the Christian person. You talk about you know the Bible so well -- you better read in Proverbs where it says 'If a man lies with another man as if it was a woman it is an abomination.' Christian people aren't trying to hate on you. This is the way God sees it. ... God is the same yesterday, today and whenever. He is the Holy God, and he will not tolerate no sins no matter what it is."

"I am calling about the delivery service I have been getting from the Atlanta Journal Constitution. I don't understand why the Citizen let good people go to let these people deliver. I am sorta handicapped, I am over 70, I had a bad fall last year and I cannot get out to the street to pick up the newspaper. I mean 50 cents isn't worth me getting out there and falling again. I am not steady on my feet. They were delivering my paper to my door. I had a wonderful delivery person and I don't understand why Newton Citizen has changed their delivery practice. I know I won't be renewing mine when this runs out."

Editor's note: Delivery service has not been up to our usual standards since we contracted with another newspaper to deliver our products. However, our delivery has improved over the past week and will continue to improve as the carriers become more familiar with their routes and the special instructions for delivery. We understand this transition has been frustrating for our customers, and we appreciate your patience.

"I think the opinion poll from last Saturday, April that said 'A prince of fools being elected by a Confederacy of fools,' and I don't know who wrote it but that says it all."

"I would like to thank the Covington Police and Fire Department as well as the 911 operators for really bringing my comment about lawmen being in a job of life and death. The winner of the biggest loser was a policeman who stated it right about being good shape, physically conditioned helped him be a better policeman and keep him alive. Several months ago I wrote about our Sheriff's Department being overweight ... most responses to my comment said I was a bad person and I shouldn't complain. My only statement was the facts about them putting themselves in danger by not being in good physical shape and overweight. Come on Sheriff Ezell, let's start a biggest loser out by the Cheerios plant and by our jail."

"Now that we have no trains running on tracks in Covington and across the Bypass, when will the stop signs come down? Or will they stay up for the people using the walking trails when we buy the tracks?"

"I would like to comment on a front page story in your Wednesday, March 31, edition where Newton County Commissioner Earnest Simmons announced his candidacy for re-election. Mr. Simmons stated in his announcement that there are some things I need to finish. None of his mentioned projects seem to be anything that Mr. Simmons had initiated or started. They appear to have already been in the works when he took office, and some were voted in the SPLOST referendum. Some were started when Mr. Dimsdale was in office and some were state highway projects that a lone commissioner has no part in. Mr. Simmons seems to be no more than a bystander in projects he is trying to take credit for. He reminds me of a new college football coach who wins a championship with the departed coach's players and then tries to take credit for the championship. By contrast Commissioner Henderson has had ideas, put them into the system and followed through to their completion. This is the manner in which you take credit for something."