ON THE BEAT: Woman upset over dress, wedding

On the Beat is an occasional reporting of various crimes and complaints confronted by law enforcement personnel in Newton County in the course of their duties. It is compiled by News Editor Barbara Knowles, who can be reached at barbara.knowles@newtoncitizen.com.

Left at the altar

A woman called the Newton County Sheriff's Office to complain that she had just been informed she was no longer to be a member of her cousin's wedding party. That was after she had paid for half of a $162.62 bridesmaid dress.

Caught in the act

A man called the Covington Police Department to report he went to his car in the parking lot of Royal Palace restaurant and found a man going through his possessions. He explained that he was preparing to eat at the restaurant and asked the folks there if it was OK for him to go back to his car and bring his own Coke inside. They said that was fine and when he returned to his vehicle, he found the thief who ran away after taking $20 in cash, 3 DVDs, 1 electronic device for holding photos, 20 muscle relaxers and 49 Loritab.

Needs legal

refresher course

A woman was arrested for shoplifting at Kmart after she concealed a pair of women's sunglasses and a set of Bally hand weights in her purse. She removed the items from her purse after she noticed a store employee watching her. When a CPD officer arrived, she said she had planned on stealing the items, but changed her mind and there wasn't anything anybody could do about it. The officer arrested her after explaining that concealing the items constituted the offense of shoplifting.

A Solomon-type decision

A woman called the NCSO to report that her neighbor had taken her 6-month-old pit bull puppy from her home while she was not there. She told the responding deputy there had already been a disorderly conduct charge made against the neighbor when he tried to retrieve the puppy when she was at home. The neighbor told the deputy the puppy actually belongs to him and he had asked the woman to care for the puppy only while he was in the process of moving. He said he even supplied the food for the dog and he has a receipt for the purchase of the puppy.

Some friend

A man reported to the CPD that he allowed a friend to stay at his house for three weeks during December and he has just discovered that several checks are missing from his checkbook. He said the woman told him she stole the checks because he made her mad.

* A man reported to the NCSO he had a few friends over the night before and had just discovered his rent money was missing from his dresser drawer. He couldn't remember if any of the friends went into the bedroom.

Not like other folks

A CPD officer stopped a vehicle for weaving from side to side on the roadway. Upon talking to the driver, the officer immediately became aware of the odor of alcohol. The man admitted he'd been drinking, but said, "... I have a high tolerance, and I don't feel drunk."

When he exited the vehicle he was unsteady on his feet and stumbled. When he took his field sobriety test, it revealed his tolerance wasn't as high as he thought.


with nature

NCSO deputies were dispatched to a family fight and when they arrived at the address, they found a man in the front yard looking up at the trees. They asked him what was going on and he said he was talking to the squirrels. After that he became very loud and angry and deputies arrested him.

Party's over

A man called the NCSO to report that $11,000 in jewelry went missing from his house after he had a party. He could not give any type of identification on the jewelry.

Determined thief

A woman called the CPD and said her son's orange Mongoose bike was stolen out of their kitchen.

Life's little necessities

The CPD was summoned to Wal-Mart after a woman was caught shoplifting the following items: a Monster energy drink, an EPT pregnancy test, panties and a bra. Total value of the items was $52.16. She was arrested.

A real jerk

A woman called the CPD to accompany her to a stranger's apartment to pick up her stolen cell phone. She said she lost it while at the O-Zone Saturday night and in the early morning hours, a strange man called to ask her if she was in any of the pictures stored in the phone. He then crudely offered to perform a sexual act with her in exchange for the return of the phone.

Officers went with the woman to the address the man gave her and when questioning him he said he had been given the phone by someone at Waffle House and that he planned to sell it. But when he learned the phone had been stolen, he had "devised a plan to return it" to the rightful owner. The officers weren't impressed with his plan and arrested him for receiving stolen property.

Bad boy

A man called the NCSO to complain that he thinks his son is back in his house and took the pipe threader from the basement again.

Wily grandma

A woman notified the NCSO that a man pretending to be her grandson who lives out of state called to say he was in jail in Canada and needed $2,500 to be wired to England.

The woman said she asked the person a trick question about the family he couldn't answer and he then hung up. She called her real grandson and he advised her to call the sheriff's office as they decided she was about to be "scrammed."