Newborn gets new Web site

NEWBORN -- The town of Newborn has a new Web site that merges the past and the present.

Up since February, the site can be found at www.newbornga.com and is maintained by Newborn resident Linda Williams Woodworth, who calls it "folksy, friendly and informative."

"I offered to do one because we didn't have one and it sort of clicked because they had been planning to have one this year anyway," she said.

The goal of the site is to help build a sense of community and keep people up-to-date on what's going on, as well as keep a link to the past alive.

The site includes information on recent and upcoming events, as well as local businesses, places of worship, the Neighborhood Watch program and facts and figures about the town. In addition, the site includes a history of Newborn and old pictures submitted by residents, including one of a girls' basketball team from 1911.

"We also have an officials' site where citizens can learn about upcoming council meetings and what's happening. The mayor has been really intentional about getting people involved," Woodworth said. "One thing that happens in a little town like Newborn is if you all go to one church, you hear what's going on, but if you don't go to that church, you might never hear. This is just another way to communicate with everybody and let people know what the opportunities are."

In the future, the site will be used to poll residents about their concerns, wants and needs, she added.

Recently, a resident complained to the town attorney about a link on the site advertising the publication of Mayor Roger Sheridan's memoirs, entitled, "Reminiscences of a Hard Hat."

However, the link has now been removed; Sheridan said he was unaware it was there until he heard about the complaint.

"I did not put it on there. I found out about it and said, 'Take it off.' ... That's one thing I will not condone. I was very upset ... I don't know who did it, but it was probably someone trying to be nice. " Sheridan said.