Mullins Letter - 09/30/09

Daily, new evidence emerges indicating terrorists now control both the executive and legislative branches of the U.S. government. One more radical appointment to the judicial branch will mean total control over the people. Over time, the permission to govern, under the Constitution, has been transformed by politicians to mean the authority to dictate. There is no authority or obligation in our Constitution for government to provide health care for anyone, including the president or the Congress.

Yet the president, along with a complicit Congress, is attempting to force this upon the people. Aside from the massive fiscal burden this would impose upon the people, I see an even more sinister motive, which in effect will destroy our election process, (as if it were not already corrupted by ACORN, SEIU, AmeriCorps, et. al). History shows that every benefit instituted by government becomes permanent and never stops growing. When every citizen (maybe even aliens) is covered, paid for out of the public treasury, that will guarantee re-election of the party now in office. I see it as nothing short of a plan to buy votes, using taxpayer funds. I view this as an act of terrorism, confiscating the fruits of one's labor and distributing it to others in exchange for their vote. By definition, terrorize is, 1). To control or force someone to do something by threat, fear, violence, etc. 2). To cause to do through pressure or necessity by physical, moral, or intellectual means. "Entitlement" programs and the power of taxation is government's power of intimidation, and coercion.

No person of sound mind believes the founding fathers intended that government ever have the power to burden the unborn with debt. In my mind, anyone having thoughts of such a thing personifies unrestrained greed and raises the question about their right to claim human dignity. It may be fodder for their ego, but in my mind, it raises serious questions about their patriotism.

Our nation faces threats from around the world, but it is under attack from within. Every great nation in history has fallen from corruption within. Much of the public seems unaware of the gravity of the circumstances we face, and national media is making little or no effort to inform them. The question arises then whether there is the will, or time, for the people to rise up and demand a halt to the spending idiocy. Or, is it a question of how long before the nation collapses in a state of anarchy?

Grady Mullins