Covington to service vehicles for Porterdale

PORTERDALE - In an effort to reduce costs, Porterdale has secured an agreement with the city of Covington to have its vehicles serviced and maintained by Covington's fleet maintenance department.

The Covington City Council approved the intergovernmental agreement at a meeting last week. Porterdale officials unanimously approved the agreement Monday night. The agreement takes effect Oct. 1.

Under the agreement, Covington will provide Porterdale with vehicle maintenance, service and repairs for all vehicles owned or leased by the city. Porterdale City Manager Tom Fox said Porterdale has 16 vehicles, including police cars and vehicles for the Public Works and Sanitation departments.

Porterdale will pay the city of Covington for the actual cost of parts and labor, plus 15 percent to cover administrative and billing costs. Invoices for parts and labor will be submitted to Porterdale on a monthly basis and payment will be due within 30 days of receipt of an invoice.

Initially the agreement will cover a three-month trial period with a 30-day termination notice. If the agreement is not terminated during that initial three-month period, it will extend for five years with three options for renewal for additional five-year periods.

In other Porterdale news, Councilman Mike Harper notified fellow elected officials that he intends to submit a quote for work to be done inside the Porterdale Police Department headquarters.

Police Chief Wayne Digby said the department plans to use funds from drug seizures to repaint and install new carpet in the police station. He said quotes will be solicited as soon as the funds are received, "which should be any day."

Councilman Robert Foxworth presented a proposal to council members that they pass an ordinance prohibiting motorists from driving through parking lots near intersections in order to avoid the intersections. Foxworth said this is particularly a problem at the Burger King and Shell station parking lots at the intersection of Crowell Road and Ga. Highway 81.

The council voted unanimously to authorize Foxworth to work with City Attorney Tim Chambers to draw up an ordinance and have signs prepared to install at the parking lots notifying motorists.

However, later in the meeting, Chambers advised the council that the ordinance is already in place in the city by reference to the state code, so the city will need only to install the signs in order to enforce the code.

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