On the beat: Wife goes to jail after calling in abuse

On the Beat is an occasional reporting of various crimes and complaints confronted by law enforcement personnel in Newton County in the course of their duties. It is compiled by News Editor Barbara Knowles, who can be reached at barbara.knowles@newtoncitizen.com.

Love hurts

A woman called the Newton County Sheriff's Office to say that her husband had hit her and they could come and take him to jail. When deputies arrived she said, "You can take (him) to jail now," but the deputies told her they'd like to hear his side of the story first. The man was bleeding on his face from scratch marks he received from his wife. He said she told him not to move her books, but he did and she went nuts and attacked him. He admitted pushing her to get her off him.

When deputies talked to her again, she said all her husband usually did was walk around "squawking," and had never hit her before, adding that he just wanted things his way and she wasn't going to have it. While the deputy was there, the wife went to bed.

The deputy had to wake her up and wait for her to get dressed and fix her hair before taking her to jail as the primary aggressor in the incident. She thought it was very wrong for her to go to jail.

· A man notified the Covington Police Department that his ex-girlfriend had approached his bedroom window from outside his residence, removed the screen and reached inside. She knocked over a lamp that was beside his bed, hitting the complainant in the head. He wanted to report the incident as the window screen and lamp were damaged. There were no visible damages to the complainant's head.

· A woman called the NCSO to report that she went away to the races for the weekend and when she returned, she found someone had unhooked the water line under her sink and flooded her house.

A family member was watching the house and said she and her current boyfriend were watching the races on TV "when she felt someone grab her leg. She looked down and saw it was her ex-boyfriend. She said (he) shook his finger at her and for the next couple of hours kept looking at her and finally left." The ex then began texting her various taunting messages, ending with, "See you later."

The family surmised it was this ex-boyfriend who found her at a relative's house and vandalized the sink, so, he was called and asked to help out with the repairs. He told her, "Get your boyfriend to fix it."

· A man was watching his son play football when his ex-wife arrived at the field and began cursing at him because he was there with another woman, according to an NCSO report. The man said his ex keyed his truck and left. She later sent him a text message saying she wished he would get deported and that she hated him.

Life's necessities

A CPD officer working extra duty at the Kroger store on U.S. Highway 278 reported seeing a woman with a large bag/purse in her cart who went through the checkout and paid for a few items. The officer said he could see there were several items in the purse, which he had the woman open after she had passed the points where she would have paid for them. He found the following: four cans of soup, cheesecake, salad dressing, five packages of ground chuck, fresh cherries and fish. The items totaled $60.28.

· A woman was arrested at Wal-Mart after she stuffed the following items into her handbag: another handbag, a swimsuit, three candles, toothpaste, three toothbrushes, tea light candles and some Frizz Buster.

· The owner of Beauty and Wig on U.S. Highway 278 reported a woman had entered the store and taken three wigs and a bottle of lotion.

· Two women were apparently suffering from a severe case of the munchies when they stole $50 worth of assorted chips and candy from the Dollar General store on Ga. Highway 36.

Guns, guns everywhere

A man reported to the Newton County Sheriff's Office that he put his .380 semi-automatic pistol on top of a pile of clothes in his laundry basket and in transporting the dirty clothes to his vehicle, somehow lost the gun.

· A woman called the NCSO to report she found a gun in her mailbox. Turned out it was a starter pistol with blanks inside.