YMCA registering for fall flag football season

The Covington Family YMCA is registering for the fall flag football season. This is the fifth season of the fall flag football program and the Covington YMCA is looking forward to another successful season.

Flag football is a game that incorporates the same rules as tackle football, with two teams passing and using strategic plays in the goal of scoring a touchdown in the opposing team's end zone. But instead of tackling players to the ground to stop the ball, the defensive players must remove a flag from the flag belt of the ball carrier.

"The Y is excited to offer this great sport as an alternative to tackle football for both boys and girls who love the athleticism and game of football but are not as into the contact aspect of the sport. We are able to incorporate the fun of fall football without as much risk of injury," said Brandon Daniel, associate program director at the Covington YMCA.

The Covington YMCA flag football program is for boys and girls ages 4-13. Registration for this program is under way and will end Sunday.

For more information about Covington YMCA's Flag Football program, call the Covington YMCA at 770-787-3908.