Newton Phone Poll - 09/12/09

The Newton Citizen Poll is a compilation of opinions submitted by readers. They do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Citizen newspapers. If you agree or disagree with something you read here, you may respond by e-mailing poll@newtoncitizen.com.

"We have a lot of local problems; however, everyone should redo their thinking and consider our national problems and the track record of the present administration. The population voted for 'change' and they are really getting it by both barrels and big time. You have to only open your eyes, read, listen and you'll realize who is running our government and the direction they are going towards and exactly why. The present administration, senators and Justice Department no longer have the ability to use good common sense. For all those of voting age who wanted change, (they) cannot be too concerned about what the future holds for their children or their grandchildren. We need all new leadership now and not three years down the road."

"For the ones loving this 'movie town' theme that seems to be a trend for Covington. Maybe you are the ones that need to do your research. My concern is the lack of respect they have for the citizens of this town. If they are filming, do they take into consideration the fact that we as residents work and live here? No! Does it make our driving conditions worse? Yes! As well, I have overheard several concerns on the way they talk and mock openly, about us. How rude. Honestly, though, how much 'improvement' from the past movies have we seen, enough to compensate for the struggle and humiliation that we go through while they are here? I guess the native citizens of Covington who were satisfied with the way things were before Hollywood first came to town will just keep sitting on our hands and let the new folks keep running us out! I miss my hometown and all the spirit and pride that came along with it. No, I am not living in the past but look at other small towns and the way they are able to keep the 'Main Street' atmosphere. I love it, and I say we take it back!"

"Just read the article about the Chamber of Commerce starting their buy local campaign. I'm glad to see that they are getting their heads out of the sand. I have a piece of advice to offer to any county leader that happens to read this: Don't try to treat both sides of the county the same. West Newton is more suburban and younger and more likely not to shop the mom and pop stores, whereas east Newton is rural and has a much older population. These older patrons are the ones who were raised shopping in mom and pop stores. If necessary the county needs to offer tax breaks for retail just like they do for industrial. Considering the amount of tax dollars we are losing, I think tax breaks are what would jump start retail recruitment. Nothing permanent; just something to get the developers' attention."

"Thanks to the residents of Floyd Street in Covington. I drive down this road daily to take my child to school and it is such a beautiful drive. Adds a smile to my face."

"In regard to the recent article about shopping locally, I would dearly love to shop in Covington, but contrary to what the article says there is not enough affordable retail stores in which to shop. While I am happy Ms. Oglesby was able to buy her complete outfit in Covington for $368, I cannot afford to spend that much for an outfit to wear to work, nor do I wish to. If they want the citizens of Newton County to stay here and shop, then the Chamber of Commerce needs to make it their No. 1 priority to attract some big retail business, so that we do have a choice of where to spend our money. Until then, I will continue to be one of those who makes the trip to surrounding counties for my purchases."

"If Covington and Newton County are asking us to buy local, they should get stores we need in the county. There is not one place to buy zippers, buttons or fabric and other craft items at a reasonable price. ... Some of the locally owned businesses should provide their services when promised and they would keep local customers. People have to shop and eat at places they can get their wants and needs met."

"Please, $368 for one outfit. My whole wardrobe didn't cost much more than that. This just proves that the city and county leaders have no idea what the 'common' people of this county want or need. It certainly isn't a handbag that cost $125. I've never paid more than $20 for a handbag in my life. What we would like to see is a craft store that carries yarn, cloth for dressmaking, beads for crafting and things of that nature. Some of us would like to be able to buy these things without going to Athens. No, I do not shop in Conyers. Too much traffic for me. Please take these things into consideration before granting another permit for a store on the Square."

"I would like to comment on our hospital in Covington. Other hospitals to strive to be a '5,' ours is a '5.' The nursing staff there is just absolutely wonderful. And I wanted to thank every one of those nurses for being so sweet and understanding when I was in there. I was very sick and they took care of me wonderfully and treated me with respect. Not one time did one of them come in nasty or have a bad attitude They all had a wonderful attitudes. I just wanted to thank them and let everybody know that other hospitals are striving for a '5,' but ours is a '5.'

"Folks, (especially the large black truck that was on my car's bumper on the morning of 9-3-2009), please refrain from driving within a few inches of my car's bumper, when I elect to go the speed limit in a school zone. During peak hours when the speed limit is reduced, revving your engine, swerving, or repeatedly throwing your hands in the air will not magically force me to speed through that zone, though such actions do provide me with some entertainment. Thanks for your cooperation!"

"In regards to stormwater fees, the answer is no, the city of Covington isn't paying a stormwater fee, they are, however, collecting a stormwater tax! The American Heritage Dictionary defines a fee as - 1. 'a charge or payment for professional services: a doctor's fee.' 2. 'a sum paid or charged for a privilege.' Likewise it defines a tax as; 1. 'a burdensome charge, obligation, duty, or demand.' 2. - 'To make difficult or excessive demands upon.' While 'fees' are voluntary in the respect you pick and choose where and how you will spend your money, taxes are not. Taxes are a burdensome, excessive demand that is out of control. If you aren't already paying this tax, be patient, you will be in the very near future. After all, the bureaucrats (a fancy word for those that can't earn a living in the private sector) must justify their jobs somehow."

"I do not appreciate the fact a county commissioner is obligating taxpayer funds for a pet project located within the city boundaries in his district without the approval of the entire board beforehand. Furthermore, we were told (as reported) during the conception stages of this community center, it would be available on a 'rental basis' and it was never intended to be a full-time county facility. This amounts to nothing but another government-funded jobs program we cannot afford. Hopefully the board as a whole will charge a rental fee for any organization that operates there and at least recoup some of our tax funds."

"I am writing this in hopes that the Newton County deputy involved will read this. I was turning right onto Hazelbrand Road on Monday around 5:45 p.m. The light was red. I watched a Newton County deputy turn right in front of me. He then made an illegal U-turn in the middle of the road just so that he could turn right again to get back on Alcovy and then enter the Sheriff's Office parking lot. He broke two laws in a matter of seconds. It is horrible that we are law-abiding citizens, but then those that are there to enforce the law break it in broad daylight. I hope that he made it back to clock out in time, but rest assured that I will be talking to Mr. Ezell Brown about this issue."

"It is exciting to see new businesses open in Covington and I am making every effort, where appropriate, to give them a try. My most recent experience was a new nail salon. Very nice facility, nice folks and they did a pretty nice job. Price was a bit more and I have been giving thought to that. Why would it be just a bit more? Perhaps the newer retail space? Or .... I think it has come to me ... it must be for the view of the male technicians boxers.. OK, so you think I'm being a bit out there. Well, it's true. Every time the tech got up, there they were, big as day ... because he and the other male tech were both wearing 'droopy drawers!' Or ... wait ... maybe it was for the 'R' rated movie on the TV - well, they did change the channel when the 'F' bomb was said a bit much. Yep - changed it to the station with a talk show about straight women who wanted a lesbian experience. Thank the good Lord there were no children in the salon at this time! I'm not real sure who the owner of this business thinks their new customers are or will be, but I'm betting they will not last under these circumstances. I have often wondered why nail salons do not adopt a dress code that would exude a clean and somewhat sanitary environment. Perhaps just a salon shirt would do the trick instead of baggy or way too tight jeans with skin tight shirts all the while working on you rudely speaking, no doubt about you, in their native language. Come to America, depend on Americans to support your business and then be rude. Well, there you go ... my experience supporting the new kid in town. Glad they are not the epitome of new business in Covington/Newton."

"After reading the 9/5 Citizen Poll I too have had a burning question answered. Mine was, what is a conservative? You know you also answered that question. You see the 'other side' thinks the same thing of 'you conservatives' as you all think of 'us liberals.' Wow! Such name calling. Have you stopped to realize that the liberals won the election by a pretty strong margin? Do you realize that there are Conservatives involved on the panels and committees of the decision making process in Congress and the Senate? The problem here is that the ' ... people living in this country that have opinions that actually make sense and might even correct the problems that we are having' are turning out to do things like Mr. Grassly and Mr. Ensley, who seem to have been 'just kidding' about being truly involved. So that in mind, maybe it's just time to suck it up and admit that the 'Lefties' won and are doing just exactly what the 'righties' did for the past eight years. They are handling business from their perspective. So continue to voice your opinions, I have mine too, but don't scream, manipulate or threaten, carry guns to events. These are the people we want to shut and sit down, not people who want to truly have a heated discussion about what is right for the county. And the man whose doctor told him he would probably not be able to get his cancer-deterring shot next year. Shame on him for forcing his personal opinion on his patients. How incredibly inappropriate."

"If the NCSO had a quota for tickets to meet, they could easily make that on Airport Road in Oxford. Every morning, children must stand in the woods to prevent being hit by the (drivers) that use this road as a short cut between Hwys. 81 and 142. Complaints to the NCSO go unanswered. Does a child have to die before anything is done? How about installing a couple of speed bumps like Oxford did? If you have to drive so fast to get to where you are going on time, then leave your home earlier ... !"

"Recession is when your neighbor loses his job. Depression is when you lose yours. And Recovery is when Obama loses his."

"I just finished listening to Nancy Pelosi and her sidekick Harry Reid speaking about the health care plan and other issues. I finally found out why my garden didn't do so well this year, I was putting the wrong fertilizer on it. How can they stand there and say what they say with a straight face. Do they really believe what they are telling us? Maybe if they had spent some time in the real world their tune would be different. I'm a firm believer that a person running for public office should first have to spend some time working in the real world with the people that they want to represent, and second of all, they need to have a complete physical to be sure that they have a backbone so that they can stand up for what is right and that they don't have two faces so that we can believe what they say. Our politicians need to remember who they represent."

"Why is it summer and we are having school? I really do not like the balanced school calendar and think that we need to change it. The NBC nightly news reported that approximately 20 percent of the nation's school systems are on this schedule with no proven higher test score results. We are wasting valuable resources both in the community and in the school system by conducting school on this calendar. I would like for the community to take a serious look at starting school at least two weeks later, but preferably the third Monday of August."

"I would like to know why South Salem Elementary does not have caution signs, speed limit signs, etc. on Salem Road. They have been open two years now and that is very important. People go through there at a high rate of speed. The new school on Kirkland just opened and they already have their signs. Please see what you can find out. Thanks."

"The Republicans showed their true colors Wednesday night during President Obama's speech calling him a 'lie.' Classless Republicans, the only thing that did was help Obama's case. Remember how Sen. McCain's rants helped Obama?"

"It was my opinion that you had to have a valid drivers license to drive a golf cart in the city of Covington. If this is true, why are .... underaged children driving golf carts in our neighborhoods?"

"I just want to say thank you for a great paper. I love the religion section and I especially love Julie Anderson and her comments about various churches. You can worship God anywhere, and I don't think it has to be any particular church. I just wanted to say I lived through the Great Depression, I don't remember too much about it, however, I was just a kid, but I know we were foreigners and we were never hungry. Now that I am older I wonder if I will make it this time. I figured my budget today - my only income is Social Security and I will have $46 left to live on for a month. My insurance is over $300 a month, but God has always and will always be here for me. I am not complaining; I am just praising God for that. Keep up your good work; I love the paper."

"I was calling about the Georgia game Saturday. It must be terrible to have all the air time they had before and at the game and lose it. What is the deal on this?"

"Many people know the cliched definition of insanity: to do the same thing over and over and expect different results. Yet politicians and their devotees don't seem to recognize their own insanity. When the highly regulated financial industry collapses, what do Congress and the president call for? More regulation and oversight. When the auto industry fails, what do the Congress and president do? Take ownership of automobile companies that are already told what kinds of cars and trucks to make and how to make them - more regulation and oversight. The health care and health insurance industries are nearly unsustainable under the weight of state insurance mandates and government-controlled reimbursement rates for doctors. So, what's the only solution Obama and congressional Democrats can see? More regulation and government control. The more the government regulates and controls, the worse those weary industries seem to fare decade after decade. So now that health care is at a crossroads - or in the cross hairs - why not try something new and roll back some of the regulations and just see if things improve. We've been steadily increasing government involvement in health care for 50 years and things have only digressed to the point that the president says there is no time to wait. Show us some change, Mr. President, and stop the insanity."