Newton deputies attend driver training classes

COVINGTON - Newton County Sheriff's Office deputies are undergoing decision-based driver training presented by Local Government Risky Management Services.

According to a press release from Sheriff Ezell Brown, deputies are using a driving simulator that allows them to be put into everyday driving and emergency response situations without actually being on the road and in their vehicle.

The training is taking place at the Newton County Law Enforcement Center.

The deputies first attend classroom training that covers applicable Georgia requirements on regular as well as emergency response driving, vehicle handling characteristics, physical driving conditions and driving techniques to use during emergency response situations.

After completion of classroom instruction, deputies are then introduced to the simulator, which gores through a series of driving scenarios from a list of more than 80.

"When a driver makes an incorrect decision, the instructor can back the program up and replay it, showing the driving the situation, discussing driving techniques that would apply and then have the driver repeat the same scenario using the techniques learned," the release states.

The program is taught by David Trotter, a Georgia Peace Officers Standards and Training certified law enforcement officer with more than 20 years of experience.