Dickson Letter - 09/11/09

I have been moved to write to address a comment in the Citizen Poll printed Sept. 5 concerning the Rockdale County DUI Court and its treatment program. I am a graduate of the program.

The Rockdale County DUI Court is a program new to the county and utilizes group therapy and close supervision to treat, educate and support alcoholics guilty of multiple DUI offenses.

As with any new undertaking, it will mature. It will grow stronger by the reinvestment of the energies of its former participants.

I disagree that the court treatment program is "a joke." In the program, which lasts from 12 to 18 months, the group learns the psychological, physiological and social aspects of addiction. We study relapse prevention. We are encouraged to establish strong ties within our faith, family and AA support groups. The groups may seem tedious and repetitive. When compared to the compulsion and need of addiction, the tools and lessons taught save lives.

Not everyone who enters the program will succeed.

Everyone who works the program is taught the tools of sobriety.

The Citizen Poll contributor stated that "Treatment is far from the truth."

The truth is that that individual, myself and possibly many others are alive and healthy due to the existence of this DUI court and its treatment program.

Michael Dickson