Slade Letter - 09/09/09

Seems like only yesterday we were told that repatriating illegals would seriously damage our economy. George Bush stated that we must continue our tradition of welcoming immigrants, and Sen. McCain told us repatriating 12-20 million illegals wasn't "practical." Books were written on the coming labor shortage. We not only continued importing 1 million legal people each year and failed to control illegal immigration altogether, we decided (Ted Kennedy decided) that our immigration policy was unfair to Eastern Hemisphere countries, so we restricted people from the Western Hemisphere - you know, people who look like you and me.

I cannot for the life of me understand why any tradition must be continued if it is destructive. Foot binding was once traditional in China and suttee, the practice of immolating one's wife on one's funeral pyre, was de' reguer in India. The Polynesians once buried a slave beneath each of four posts of certain ceremonial houses, and human sacrifice was traditional practice in many ancient human societies. The point is these practices were stopped, because they were mindless. Well, George was mindless, too.

So is our immigration policy.

Now, when we are in the depths of a serious recession, with 16 million people out of work and our budget deficit the largest in our history, what have we changed? The answer is nothing. I have been told - don't know yet if it is true - that our president has decided to admit several thousand refugees from Afghanistan, and it will cost several million dollars of your money.

We continue two useless wars, a mounting deficit, rising unemployment, a loss of prestige throughout the world, and we ... well, we just don't do anything.

In the words of Casey Stengel, "Doesn't anyone here know how to play this game?"

Ron Slade Sr.