Officers find man asleep at red light

COVINGTON - It was a little too close for comfort for two Covington Police officers Saturday night when they retrieved a loaded gun from a man who had apparently passed out in his vehicle at a red light as he exited Interstate 20, according to a CPD incident report completed by Officer Christopher Usiak.

The incident occurred about 9:30 p.m. when officers were dispatched to the intersection of Turner Lake Road and U.S. Highway 278 after the report of "a driver that was passed out at the red light coming off I-20 westbound," the report states.

Usiak said the driver's window was down, but the driver was unresponsive when he tried to rouse him.

" ... I was able to place the vehicle in park and that is when the driver (Mark Davis) woke up and reached for the gear shift and put it in drive. I was able to get out from the window and drew my service weapon and instructed Davis to place the vehicle in park and put his hands up. Davis ignored my lawful commands and attempted again to reach what appeared to be the gear shifter."

Another officer on the scene deployed his Taser, but the driver had managed to get the car in gear with the result that the vehicle began to roll backward, the report states.

"At that time, I jumped through the driver's window and attempted to throw it in park. While doing so, Davis was attempting to grab something towards the passenger seat of the vehicle," the report states.

Ultimately, the officer was able to stop the car and get the suspect out of the vehicle. As the vehicle was searched, it was discovered there was a loaded black pistol lying in the passenger seat with "one in the chamber," the report states.

Officers also located an open beer bottle in the back seat.

Davis, 27, of 305 Remington Lane, Decatur, was arrested and charged with obstruction of a law enforcement officer, driving with a suspended license, open container and impeding the flow of traffic.

In other crime news, CPD officers received a tip that a man looking for drugs would be driving a stolen white Ford F250 pickup in the area of Clark Street and Alexander Street. They were also given the cell phone number of the alleged drug contact. Officers surveilled the area but did not find the pickup. They did, however, make the decision to call the alleged drug contact and work an undercover sting, according to an incident report completed by Officer B. Fuesting.

Fuesting called the number and said, "I need to get a little."

The suspect asked, "What you need?"

To which Fuesting replied, "I need 80 hard."

The suspect asked where Fuesting was and he told him he was "almost to the basketball court," and the suspect replied he'd meet him there, the report states.

The suspect showed up on foot, and when Fuesting asked what he was doing in the area, he said he was checking to see who was at the basketball court.

Upon searching the suspect, Fuesting stated he did not find any drugs or weapons, but he did find $2,393 cash in assorted denominations.

Martec Barkley, 17, of 8176 Geiger St., was arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit a drug offense based on his telephone conversation with Fuesting, the report stated.

"While en route to the NCSO, Barkley made several spontaneous utterances as follows: 'I flip people;' 'I take their money and run,' and 'I don't sell drugs,'" the report states.

Also, a Petty Street man attempted to commit suicide by setting fire to himself, according to a CPD incident report.

The report states about 9:30 p.m. Saturday, emergency medical crews were called to the front yard of a Petty Street residence and found a man in the front yard with burns over half of his body.

The report states the man had been depressed over the recent death of his brother and covered himself with gasoline and ignited it with a lighter.

A witness to the incident smothered the flames with an old rug. The man was taken by air ambulance to Grady Hospital.

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