On the Beat: NCSO: Woman drives to funeral home in stolen Jeep

On the Beat is an occasional reporting of various crimes and complaints confronted by law enforcement personnel in Newton County in the course of their duties. It is compiled by News Editor Barbara Knowles, who can be reached at barbara.knowles@newtoncitizen.com.

Condolence call

A tipster informed the Newton County Sheriff's Office that a woman who was making her way to Wheeler Funeral Home was driving a stolen Jeep Liberty. A deputy was dispatched and when he confronted the woman she asked to be allowed to call someone. The deputy asked why and she said, "Because I guess I'm in trouble." She said she had borrowed the vehicle from a friend and didn't know anything about it being stolen. It turned out the tag on the vehicle was stolen, as well, and belonged to yet another Jeep Liberty. Inside miscellaneous bags filled with clothes, jewelry and electronics were discovered.


The Covington Police Department was called to Wal-Mart after a man was seen by a loss prevention officer exiting the store without paying for a hair care product concealed in his shorts. He was issued a citation for shoplifting.

· A Wal-Mart loss prevention officer notified the CPD that she had observed a man in the sporting goods department concealing merchandise in the front of his shorts. He exited the store through the Garden Center without paying for the items. She told officers she detained the suspect and recovered the merchandise - an assortment of fishing lures valued at $53.28. The suspect was taken to the office to await the arrival of the police, but he bolted. CPD officers found him in a nearby subdivision. He was taken to jail.

Crack bunny?

A man called the Newton County Sheriff's Office to report that someone had entered his vehicle and placed a "small clear and yellow plastic bag with a white rock-like substance" inside. He said he heard his dog barking and the car's security alarm went off, but he didn't see anyone near his car. Nothing was taken from the vehicle or damaged.

Dear old dad

The NCSO was summoned to the scene of a dirt bike mishap. It seems a father broke his arm while attempting to ride his son's dirt bike. He said he hit something and "flew off the bike." The father was taken by EMS to the hospital.

Follow the rules

You've heard of the "Two second rule?" Well, a man who was recently stopped for DUI must have gotten it confused with what he called the "2 mile rule." It seems he wasn't doing particularly well on his field sobriety test when he stopped and asked the NCSO deputy, "Isn't there a 2 mile rule?" The deputy said he was unfamiliar with any such rule, and the man explained that if he was within 2 miles from his residence the deputy was supposed to give him a ride. The deputy gave him a ride to jail where his blood alcohol test showed he was at .20.

Trashed vehicle

NCSO deputies were called to the Newton County Landfill after employees found a stripped vehicle at the entrance. When contacted the owner said he had left the car in late August at the Shell Station on Brown Bridge Road for approximately four minutes and when he came back, it was gone. Meantime, the interior had been stripped, including removing the inside of the doors, the seats, radio and the carpet. Also the battery, fuses and other parts were taken from the top part of the engine.

Cleaning supplies

A woman called the NCSO to complain that a package had apparently been stolen from her mailbox. She contacted the company that sent her the Colon Cleanse 3000 and they said it had been delivered.

Unhappy camper

An inmate in a holding cell had charges of interference with government property added to his woes after he damaged the sprinkler head in the cell. Replacement will be $400.

'A few drinks'

A man who was stopped by CPD officers for suspicion of DUI admitted he'd had a "few drinks" consisting of four "E&Js" at a lounge in Decatur. His passenger, a woman, said she met him there and he was holding her against her will and would not let her exit the vehicle. She said he told her he was going to drive until he ran out of gas. Meanwhile, the driver said the woman had gotten into his car and had refused to get out. He flunked his field sobriety test and while being booked into the jail, he demanded to be taken to the hospital for a blood alcohol test. He was informed such a test would be conducted at his own expense and he said that was fine with him. However, once at the hospital, he told them he didn't have any money and the hospital refused to administer the test.

Peculiar purloins

A woman notified the NCSO that someone had stolen the $4,500 hot tub from the rear deck of her late mother's home.

· A man stole a four-wheeler that would not crank and had to push it down the road where he was observed and the NCSO was notified.

· A woman stole a purse, a wallet and a container of chicken from Wal-Mart.

Love's little bumps

A man and woman were engaged in an argument and the NCSO was called. She said they were sitting on the couch discussing "his cheating ways" when he got mad and tried to choke her. He said she began hitting him and he was trying to defend himself. Nobody had any marks or bruises and the wife left for the night.

· The NCSO was called to the home of a couple who were arguing over money. The wife said she was going to leave and the man said he wanted her gone. The problem? The wife said she didn't mean right then, but would leave in the morning when she could get some help with her belongings. They agreed to call a truce for the night.

Repo woes

An employee of a company that repossesses cars contacted the NCSO to say they repossessed a 2006 Chevrolet Malibu in Newton County and discovered "block seal" had been poured in the fuel cell and into the oil fill.

· A man called the NCSO and said his Harley Davidson motorcycle was recently repossessed despite his best efforts to prevent that. He had strategically parked his non-operational truck in front of it, but they got it anyway and damaged the truck in the process.