Mullins Letter - 09/04/09

Reviewing the history of the birth of the United States of America, one immediately recognizes the intelligence of the Founding Fathers who gave us the Constitution and Bill of Rights. The Constitution establishes the framework, and the Bill of Rights declares its authority, its limitations, and its objectives. They had experienced what government should - and more importantly - -should not be. The 10th Amendment is unmistakably clear; they did not want a big or powerful government. They meant to restrain any greed, of those who govern, for the power to dominate and control the people. Yet, I heard Obama say, "We are going to fundamentally change America." Since the Constitution is the supreme law of the land, one can only assume he plans to declare it null and void, Article V notwithstanding.

Why is the public not more determinedly outraged at such insanity? Choose from the following.

1). An uninformed electorate due to the failure of national media to keep the people truthfully informed. The nearest source of truth I see regarding the state of the union is the Cable TV channels. It's about communication, does it not apply to all media?

2). Trusting government, even though we are repeatedly warned to be alert and watchful.

3). Contentment on the part of those receiving a benefit(s) from the public Treasury.

4). Bribery, a benefit in exchange for a vote, (Article II, Section IV describes this as grounds for impeachment and removal from office).

5). Apathy, the notion of some that prosperity and the good life are a birthright.

President Obama promised he would veto any bill that had earmarks in it, and that there would be no lobbyist in his administration. He has violated both, which lends credence to the proverb, "A double minded man is unstable in all his ways," and another oldie, "What you do speaks so loud I can't hear what you say."

Dr. Sam Vaknin, Ph.D., author of "Malignant Self Love," reputed to be a worldwide authority on narcissism, writes that Barack Obama appears to be a narcissist, perhaps with a narcissistic personality disorder (NPD). An in-depth study of this term is interesting, and enlightening, but also frightening. Dr. Vaknin describes a narcissistic as one who has an obsession for power. I thought Obama's remark about health care reform exhibited an air of haughty arrogance when he said, "We are going to get this done," in spite of reports that informed people recognize it as a bad idea. Is the Congress so overwhelmed by his power of persuasion they are compelled to do his bidding? Dr. Vaknin notes similar personality traits in other noted personalities of our time. Jim Jones, David Koresh, Charles Manson, Joseph Stalin, Saddam Hussein, Mao, Kim Jong Il and Adolph Hitler. Obama seems to believe his proposals for change are beyond question? Strange that all his proposals seem aimed at enlarging voting blocs by expanding benefits. His power of persuasion, another trait of a narcissist, is indeed powerful. Many in the Congress seem overwhelmed by his charisma and rhetoric while ignoring their oath to put the peoples interest before their own, or that of the president. The presidency should be that of a humble servant, not that of a tyrannical master.

Grady Mullins