Morning raid nets alcohol
Two businesses rammed by SUV

COVINGTON - Armed with an Isuzu SUV, a burglar struck, literally, two Covington stores in the early morning hours Sunday, according to the Covington Police Department.

Detective D.J. Seals said the First Choice gas station at 9225 Ga. Highway 142, near Tractor Supply, and a liquor store located at 8107 Washington St. were both rammed by the SUV. The driver is shown in surveillance video stealing beer and liquor, Seals said.

The gas station was hit about 3:20 a.m. and the liquor store was struck about 4:40 a.m. Not long afterwards, CPD patrol units found a vehicle matching the description of the SUV that ran into the buildings parked on Lunsford Circle and notified detectives. The vehicle suffered body damage and had broken glass on it, Seals said.

CPD personnel began canvassing the area where the car was located about 6 or 7 a.m., asking residents if they knew anything about the incident or could identify anyone matching the suspect's description.

In the process of doing that, Seals said he encountered a man who matched the suspect's description and asked him for his identification. It was discovered his address was the same address as the car registration.

Arrested was Oliver Alonzo Shepherd, 45, of 205 Woodland Road who was charged with two counts of burglary. Seals said due to the damage done to the two businesses, Shepherd could face further charges.

Also during the canvas of the area, Seals said he knocked on the door of a residence at 3222 Lunsford Circle. A man invited him inside and while there, he spotted what he believed to be a bottle of liquor stolen from the Washington Street store.

"I was able to confirm that it did come from the burglary, and I went back down there and arrested the guy at that residence. I interviewed him and found out that he was running a shot house," Seals said. He explained that a shot house is a location that sells beer and liquor without a license and without paying sales tax, usually to anyone at anytime. "As a result, we did a search warrant and recovered all liquor and alcohol that was in the residence."

Arrested was Aubray James Tensley, 71, of 3222 Lunsford Circle who was charged with theft by receiving stolen property, false statements in a political subdivision, sale of untaxed alcoholic beverages and sale of alcoholic beverages on Sunday.

Seals said he does not know if there are ties between the suspect in the burglary case and the individual who was arrested for running the shot house.

"I was able to confirm that ... liquor bottle was in Tensley's house. Whatever their relationship is, I don't know and they're not saying," Seals said.

The detective also said surveillance would be stepped up in the area to make sure another shot house isn't established.