Meyer Letter - 09/04/09

After reading the article of the town hall meeting on health care reform I was first shocked and then outraged.

How can these Democrats lecture everyone on diversity and inclusiveness and then sneak into town and hold their almost secret meeting at a black church?

Unlike the public forums held by South Rockdale Civic Association and other community groups that have been open and advertised to the public for decades, these elected officials chose a backhanded approach to deceive the very people they are to serve.

No, these black leaders had to sneak into town, hold their fake forum, and sneak back out of town.

Boy how often are we lectured by Chairman Oden and others at the Board of Commissioners about getting along and working together, and then this blatant underhanded trickery while our backs are turned.

I for one will no longer be lectured to from anyone in this group. Their words are filled with deceit and until you, too, realize this they will continue to take your liberties and freedoms one at a time.

All of these officials are following the national Train Of Change regarding your right to express your views on this national issue. That is simply put if you cannot win in the open, then slip in during the dark and do your deeds and sneak out unnoticed.

How I long for honest officials. I cannot wait until the next election. We could literally put our local dog catcher in their place and be miles ahead at the end of the day.

Don Meyer