Sturkie Letter - 09/09/09

Georgia's 47th rank in SAT scores should be a wake-up call for both teachers and parents. Collectively, there should be a consensus into the structure of the classroom curriculum that will help Georgia's students become more viable for top colleges.

Administrations should tap into parental involvement to learn more about students and their learning abilities. More parents need to turn off the TV, computer and video game throughout the school week and urge - rather make - their children consistently pick up another source of literature besides the textbook. These parents also need to devote extra hours into helping their children become proficient in mathematics as well.

Although budget cuts and furloughs flood Georgia's educational system, teachers and principals should come up with a workable solution that's pertinent for their particular school. They should examine other excelling school systems and at least try to implement or emulate a few of their tactics into their school's regimen. They should also cater to students' learning needs and winnow their failures. Studying time should be developed before school, after school and on weekends because something has to give. Georgia's dismal SAT rank is below mediocrity and there is a lot of work needed to pull these students out of the mud.

R. Dawn Sturkie