Donnelly Letter - 09/09/09

We subscribe to your paper and hope the people we want to thank do as well.

My husband, who requires use of a handicapped scooter, and I were out on a rainy Sunday afternoon. As he tried to enter a store, his scooter lost traction and fell to the side and he was unceremoniously dumped onto the pavement. He was not able to get up, and I was unable to help him. Our "everyday hero" saw the event and, as soon as he was able to clear the traffic intersection, immediately came to our aid.

My husband is a good-sized man, but this gentlemen lifted him to an upright position so he could get back into our vehicle. I don't know your name but you should receive the "everyday hero" award for your kindness and assistance to someone in need.

And, I should also mention the gentlemen in the pickup that also stopped to offer assistance.

Sometimes we wonder what the world is coming to, but then are presented with yet another example of human kindness and consideration. Thank you so very much.

Linda Donnelly