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Newton Phone Poll - 10/31/09

The Newton Citizen Poll is a compilation of opinions submitted by readers. They do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Citizen newspapers. If you agree or disagree with something you read here, you may respond by e-mailing

"To the person that was commenting on the deputy sitting at the Newton County Administration Building all day, I agree with you! To say that he/she does nothing is an understatement! When problems arise at the Administration Building the Covington Police Department is called to handle the issue. Several times people have shown up with stolen tags, cars, warrants and/or started arguments with the staff and the deputy calls for the Covington Police to take care of the situation. What a waste of tax dollars!"

"Hey parents! This is the passenger restrictions for your teens that just got their license: For the initial six-month period immediately following the issuance of a Class D license, any Class D license, holder shall not drive a motor vehicle upon the public roads, streets or highways of this state when any other passenger in the vehicle is not a member of the driver's immediate family. During the second six-month period immediately following issuance of a Class D license, any Class D license, holder shall not drive a motor vehicle upon the public roads, streets or highways of this state when more than one other passenger in the vehicle (who is not a member of the driver's immediate family) is less than 21 years of age. After the second six-month period, any Class D license-holder shall not drive a motor vehicle upon the public roads, streets or highways of this state when more than three other passengers in the vehicle (who are not members of the driver's immediate family) are less than 21 years of age. Why are these kids allowed to cram into a car after school and leave with the resource officers watching them?"

"I'm a sociologist. OK, I'm not employed in my field, but I have a degree in sociology from the University of Georgia. I want to share with you a lesson in sociology. Today on the way home from work I witnessed a young black male unmercifully harassing a convenience store clerk because she was of Middle Eastern decent. This is the second time I have witnessed her being harassed by a young black male. You would think someone from a minority historically discriminated against would be sensitive to another minority and have and show more respect for their fellow minorities, yet the opposite is apparently true. It is a sociological phenomenon for a member of a group of peers to exhibit their dominance over any available victim like a bull competing for mating rites in a herd. It saddened me to see this, and I was tempted to call the police. I hope everyone will keep an eye out and an ear open and do their part to safeguard our neighborhood merchants. I know first-hand how sweet this particular woman can be. She is constantly giving out candy and snacks to what's quite possibly the younger brothers and sisters of this same young black male that is so cruelly harassing her."

"Does the county's public defender really think there are people lying in order to be represented by that office? Ha! After getting the chance to watch court recently, it should be obvious to all that there isn't anyone being represented by them that has any other choice whatsoever."

"There are some missing 25 mph speed limit signs on Bryant Road in north Newton County. I don't know if they disappeared during the repaving done a while back - or - if vandals took them. I do not know who to contact within Newton County to address this problem - but we surely do need those 25 mph signs replaced. Cars speed along this road way past the speed limit and children and adults walk along this area to reach a local store."

Editor's Note: Call the Newton County Roads Department at 678-625-1300.

"Attention Newton County Grand Jury: Are you aware that 'steering' is a crime and if it is in excess of $1,000 it is a felony! ... Steering is when the politicians 'give' contracts to their buddies. No matter what the cost over other bidders or quality of work with bias toward their buddies and many times a kickback is involved. ... Wake up Grand Jury and do your job to protect the citizens..."

"With people looking for jobs, why can't Newton County find more agreeable (employees) to work at the Oak Hill/Hwy. 81 recycle center?"

"All you ever hear on these Citizen Polls are people complaining about this and that, so I just wanted to take this time to say thanks to the Newton County Sheriff's Department for all the awesome work they do. Also a big thanks to the new Crime Suppression Unit who is out there daily, risking their lives to keep our community safe. Since they have initiated this unit, it has made a huge impact in our county. You guys are a much-needed asset to Newton County and again I wanted to give you all a big thanks!"

Editor's note: Thank you for your positive input.

"To the Barnes family, maybe we should go back to the Bible days and serve justice as an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth and run your brother over with a car, then we could have said justice was served. You need to get over it. The injustice wasn't done to your family but to the Casola family."

I cannot believe that Ms. Barnes-Clemons would make this comment in her 33-page letter that she sent to the city demanding an investigation: "Our last hope was to at least give him a burial that we felt would leave a little dignity for his family to be able to celebrate his life with us as well as bringing closure for all the suffering we have had to endure as a family during this extremely difficult time. The remembrance of my brother's funeral is a day that my family and I choose to forget forever. It has such a terrible stench that my family and I can't seem to remove from our memory, an extremely abnormal, insensitive and cruel way to memorialize a loved one." Think about this and how Anita King probably felt on the day of Avery's funeral. Avery loved to go to the park and play on the slides, loved her monkeys, just loved playing outside in general as all little kids do. Avery would have turned 2 the day of her funeral. Instead of having a Cinderella birthday party for Avery on her birthday, Anita King was burying her 2-year-old. and it is something that Anita probably didn't see happening for a long time. Avery would have been 5 this year and would have gone to kindergarten. Do you think Anita got to see Avery go to kindergarten this year? No, and Anita was really looking forward to Avery going to school this year. Anita King and Stephanie Casola don't think about the day that the accident happened because it brings back too many sad memories to them. Instead they choose to do something FUN with there family. I am positive that Anita King and Stephanie Casola would say this statement: The remembrance of May 23, 2006, is a day that we choose to forget forever. It has such a terrible stench that our families can't seem to remove from our memory let alone think about.

I wanted parents with special education children in the local school system to know that due to budget cuts, your child's school is pulling the para-pro that helps your child, to substitute in another class. The Newton County BOE is not using substitutes as much this year to save on money. However, they are using paras to fill in, even though some paras are required to be in their assigned classroom because of what is written on a special education child's IEP (individual education plan). I'm sure the BOE did not check with the State DOE, Special Education Division, before they made this decision, nor did they inform parents that this is going on in our schools.

EDITOR'S NOTE: According to Sherri Viniard, director of public relations at the Newton County School System, "It is our procedure that special education paraprofessionals serving students in self-contained classes are not used as substitutes. Paraprofessionals in inclusion classes may be used if needed, but not to the degree that academic achievement for students with disabilities is negatively impacted. Parents with questions about substitute teacher guidelines are encouraged to contact their child's school for more information."