Deputy shoots rottweiler after it bites him twice

COVINGTON - A Newton County Sheriff's Office deputy was bitten by a hostile and very stubborn rottweiler that he tried to coax into leaving the front entrance of a person's home. The dog ultimately had to be shot.

The deputy was called to a Social Circle home on Surrey Chase Drive where he was told that a large black and brown rottweiler was stationed at the front entrace door and refused to move. The woman said the dog would not allow her to leave the residence and told the deputy it was probably because she had a dog inside that was in season.

"The dog was growling and showing its teeth at her when she attempted to leave the residence," an NCSO incident report states.

Apparently the resident had previously contacted Newton County Animal Control about the situation because the deputy saw a cage on the front porch that had the trap door set and dog food was inside.

The report states the deputy activated the siren on his patrol vehicle several times to scare the dog away, but the dog remained steadfast.

"I then exited my vehicle, approached the dog and deployed my ASP baton," the report states, adding that the deputy also tried to coax the dog into the cage.

The dog refused to budge, and it was at this point that he decided to make sure the deputy was getting his point.

"The dog then bit my right hand and wrist once, and I struck the dog twice with the baton," the deputy reported. "It then ran off the front porch and around to the rear of the residence ... (it) then came back to the front yard."

The deputy next "dispatched" the dog with two rounds from his duty weapon.

The dog did not have any identification on it and was wearing a red studded collar with no tags.

A resident administered first aid to the deputy's wounds and EMS came to the scene. The dog was turned over to Animal Control and the deputy reported he went to Newton Medical Center for further treatment.

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