Rockdale Blotter - 10/30/09

The following charges and arrests were reported by the Rockdale County Sheriff's Office Police Department and Georgia State Patrol between Oct. 20 and Monday:

· Josh Tyler Smith, 20, 2240 Briarwood Circle, criminal trespass. (RCSO)

· William Correll Gotel, 17, 816 Greenwood Trail, possession of marijuana less than 1 ounce. (RCSO)

· Brandon James Norris, 22, 5528 Wapakonata Trail, Oxford, impersonating a public officer or employee. (RCSO)

· Pamela Sharron Maynard, 46, 722 Sharpstone Bend, Stockbridge, deposit account fraud/bad checks. (RCSO)

· Daniel Walter Rossborough Jr., 28, 626 DeKalb Ave., Atlanta, probation violation. (RCSO)

· Lawrence William Brooks Jr., 45, 1402 Jersey Social Circle Road, Jersey, violation of the Georgia Controlled Substances Act. (CPD)

· Jessica S. Cryder, 29, 2865 Fieldstone Drive, probation violation. (RCSO)

· Frank Austin Jackson, 52, 1247 Main St., theft by shoplifting. (CPD)

· Jose Refagio Murato-Romo, 45, 6567 Singleton Road, Atlanta, driving while unlicensed or with an expired license, driving without taillights. (RCSO)

· Simone Carey, 19, 1705 Sugarplum Court, simple battery. (RCSO)

· Kelly Marie Dyble, 33, 11816 Sand Dune Drive, Panama City Beach, Fla., driving under the influence of alcohol, improper lane or lance change. (RCSO)

· Byron Ezekiel Gay, 26, 2638 Fieldstone Lane, failure to stop at an accident. (RCSO)

· Ricardo Lozano Alvarez, 33, 532 Buckhead Trail, Jonesboro, probation violation. (CPD)

· Chris Martin Brewer, 21, 33 Kirklane, Monticello, theft by shoplifting. (CPD)

· Basilio Lopez, 35, 23 Pearl Lane , Chamblee, failure to appear. (RCSO)

· Matthew Eric Ford, 23, 33 Kirk Lane, Monticello, probation violation, theft by shoplifting. (CPD)

· Yvette Sheri Oatis, 23, 511 Saint Clair Drive, failure to appear, bond surrender. (RCSO)

· Reuben Alexander Pollard, 26, 2630 Chantilly Court, driving while registration revoked or suspended, failure to appear. (CPD)

· Dean Andre Davis Jr., 26, 1347 Peggy Lane, simple battery - family violence. (CPD)

· Michael Anthony Sullivan, 46, 50 Shady Oak Road, Laurel, Miss., probation revocation. (RCSO)

· Ryan Ricky Harper, 17, 2720 Westport Lane, possession and use of drug related objects. (RCSO)

· Jomal Kareem Joseph, 19, 1951 Eagle Ridge Drive, marijuana less than 1 ounce, failure to appear. (RCSO)

· Joseph Austin Smith, 24, 100 Woodfield Road, Covington, theft by receiving stolen property, burglary. (RCSO)

· Anthony Jerrau Thomas, 28, 4512 Allgood Springs Drive, Stone Mountain, battery. (RCSO)

· Joseph Brian Farmer, 32, 1589 SW Morris Steen Road, Greenville, Fla., driving while license suspended or revoked, traffic signal violation. (CPD)

· Douglas Glenn Taylor, 45, 2272 Cedar Mill Court, possession of firearm by convicted felon. (RCSO)

· Andrew Ulett Donaldson, 19, 1488 Eastmont Drive, probation violation. (RCSO)

· Billy Joe McCorkle III, 31, 4733 Hull Road, probation revocation. (RCSO)

· Jonathan David Powell, 34, 70 Line , Covington, theft by conversion of leased/rented personal property. (RCSO)

· Jose L. Martinez, 30, 1171 Wrightsville Church, Greensboro, contempt of court. (RCSO)

· Spencer Crutcher, 35, 470 16th St., Atlanta, pandering/idling, loitering for sex, aggravated sexual battery. (RCSO)

· Rakiem Malcolm Taylor, 31, 3707 Harvest Grove, failure to appear, bond surrender. (RCSO)

· Melanie Ann Strange, 45, 2899 Lenora Road, Snellville, failure to appear. (CPD)

· Derrick Jermaine Jackson, 29, 1155 Pinedale Circle, criminal trespass, theft by shoplifting. (CPD)

· Craig M. Stribling, 39, 1745 Brandon Glen Way, child molestation, enticing a child for indecent purposes. (RCSO)

· Diego de Jesus Caballero-Alba, 20, 15 Manatee Drive, driving without a license. (RCSO)

· Tiffany Lynn Maxwell, 39, 390 Greeway Drive, Covington, probation violation, driving while unlicensed or with an expired license, traffic signal violation. (RCSO)

· Virlon Russell Rachles, 40, 119 Tamarack Trace, McDonough, failure to appear. (RCSO)

· Tylisha Charmaine Jackson, 18, 960 Briar Creek Court, theft by shoplifting. (CPD)

· Trellis Bernard Williams, 28, 6799 Arabian Terrace, Lithonia, probation violation. (RCSO)

· Darrell Benard Champion, 44, 4371 Glenwood Road, Decatur, probation violation. (RCSO)

· Noel Egerton Grant, 34, 4723 Beecher St., Forest Park, probation violation. (RCSO)

· Allen James Sutay, 18, 4032 Scenic Mountain Drive, Snellville, probation violation. (RCSO)

· Joseph Austin Smith, 24, 100 Woodfield Road, Covington, burglary. (RCSO)

· Maria Guadalupe Zarate, 40, 10 Ivey Ridge, Covington, forgery. (RCSO)

· Negia Lavyle Banks, 30, 15 Belmont Cove, Covington, probation violation. (CPD)

· Fernando Gonzalez, 26, 1532 Creek Forest Park, driving while unlicensed or with an expired license, no proof of insurance, operation of unregistered vehicle. (CPD)

· Juan Carlos Martinez-Nieves, 21, 39 Crossland Drive, driving while unlicensed or with an expired license. (RCSO)

· Jason Robert Wright, 26, 63 Gum Tree Court, Covington, family violence - simple battery. (RCSO)

· Evan Scott Mitchell, 23, 155B Plum Orchard Road, Covington, probation violation. (RCSO)

· Roderick Cojoeous Roberts, 28, 566 Fawn Court, probation violation, driving while license suspended or revoked, no proof of insurance, failure to stop at accident, improper lane or lane change. (RCSO)

· Kacey Alexandre Haynes, 17, 45 Arlington Drive, Covington, driving while license suspended or revoked. (RCSO)

· Barry Keith Brannan, 46, 619 Mt. Zion Road, battery - family violence. (RCSO)

· Trent Cory Smith, 23, 25 Salem Meadow Drive, Covington, improper right turn, improper lane or lane change. (CPD)

· Robin Leigh Harper, 49, 3353 Kingston Drive, battery - family violence. (RCSO)

· Juan Castro-Mendez, 25, 58 Frontier Drive, public drunkenness/intoxication, disorderly conduct. (RCSO)

· Jesus Antonio Tapia-Caro, 24, 298 Old Covington Highway, criminal attempt to commit burglary, loitering and prowling, public drunkenness/intoxication, obstruction of a law enforcement officer. (CPD)

· Andres Lopez-Perez, 28, 12641 Brunswick Road, Covington, driving without a license, improper lane or lane change. (RCSO)

· Thomas Ray Crowe Jr., 24, 518 Bay Creek Crossing, Loganville, driving while license suspended or revoked, failure to signal. (CPD)

· Keryen Mersedes-Michel Holley, 19, 3450 Harper Road, McDonough, theft by shoplifting. (CPD)

· Jon Douglas Fambrough, 48, 305 Smith Stone Road, Covington, DUI, following too closely, habitual violator. (RCSO)

· Terrace Lee Olive Jr., 27, 2787 NW 193 Terrace, Miami, Fla., driving while unlicensed or with an expired license, stop sign/yield sign violation. (RCSO)

· Willie James Young, 29, 1125 Northlake Drive, theft of service, public drunkenness/intoxication. (RCSO)

· Johnny R. Douglas, 56, 2608 Brynlyn Court, DUI, improper lane or lane change. (RCSO)

· Mario Segoviano-Vazquez, 21, 3055 Idlewood Road, driving while unlicensed or with an expired license, DUI, traffic signal violation, failure to stop at an accident. (RCSO)

· Felicia Gwenn Burrell, 32, 1532 Brandon Glenn Way, Building 2, DUI, failure to yield right of way. (CPD)

· Jose Edmundo Santiago-Gama, 24, 1039 Pine Log Road, driving without a license, violation of child restraint law. (RCSO)

· Yvonne Rosemarie Ward, 58, 1741 Amberbrook Court, deposit account fraud/bad checks. (CPD)

· Kenneth Lelievre, 56, 311 Keswick Village Court, battery. (CPD)

· Keisha Monique Boyd, 33, 7446 Rockbridge Road, Lithonia, driving while license suspended or revoked. (RCSO)

· Rhonda Leigh Reece, 39, 587 Seneca Court, battery. (RCSO)

· Sean Tyler Davis, 18, 4900 Cedar Court, possession of marijuana less 1 ounce. (RCSO)

· Danny Haywood Wilkerson, 52, 2618 Union Church Road, Stockbridge, simple battery. (RCSO)

· Allan Jerome Haslam, 25, 7495 Danielle Court, Jonesboro, probation violation. (RCSO)

· James Monroe Thomas Jr., 23, 4250 Bradley Road, Snellville, probation violation. (RCSO)

· Gary Tyshaun Robinson, 20, 3222 Salem Cove Trail, DUI under the age of 21, possession of marijuana less than 1 ounce, open container violation, improper window tint, failure to register to title change. (RCSO)

· Timothy Lee Phillips, 27, 599 Highway 162, Covington, theft by shoplifting. (RCSO)

· Shawn Lavelle Vanderhorst, 35, 1276 Halter Lane, Lithonia, forgery. (RCSO)

· Major Lee Ziglar Jr., 49, 40 Pebble Brooke Court, Covington, probation violation. (RCSO)

· Darryn Gillis, 41, 1036 South Miller Way, Stone Mountain, probation violation. (RCSO)

· Frantz NMN Cipriano-Martinez, 28, 168 Wind Chester Way, driving while unlicensed or with an expired license, cracked windshield. (CPD)

· Leobardo Abrajan Cuenca, 37, 6348 Turner Lake Road, Lot 13, Covington, DUI. (CPD)

· Brenda Eileen Morgan, 40, 311 Keswick Village Court, sexual battery, obstruction of law enforcement officer, obstruction/hindering emergency medical technicians. (CPD)

· Richard Charles Hux II, 27, 3019 Jennifer Court, simple assault - family violence, interfering with a call for emergency help. (RCSO)