Kerr Letter - 10/30/09

Representative David Scott is wrong. Opposition to the president's plan to reform health care has little or nothing to do with "hate" or "racism."

I know. My wife and I still have our "Elect David Scott" T-Shirts and the congressman's "thank you" letter for our significant financial contribution to his initial campaign. But we oppose the currently proposed health care legislation because it eliminates our freedom of choice!

We know medical insurance is expensive. I've been self-employed for more than 31 years which means I'm the guy that pays the premiums. Currently we have major medical coverage only, with an enormous deductible, but that drops our monthly premium to a manageable amount while protecting us from potentially devastating costs for something truly major. That is, after all, the purpose of insurance; to transfer the risk to another entity.

With our present plan we have access to physicians we know and respect. We pay our way and ask nothing of anyone else.

Why doesn't Congress and the current administration focus on meeting the needs of those not yet met, rather than forcing us all to accept a government program?

It's not about hate or racism, Mr. Scott. It's about freedom of choice!

Wayne Kerr