Newton Citizen Poll - 10/24/09

"As reported this week; 'at the State of the County Address hosted at Newton County Library on Wednesday, Chairman Kathy Morgan said 'important issues include the purchase of the Norfolk Southern Railroad.' 'Forget about what we do with it. Whether it's a railroad, green space, trails or for public transportation, what's more important is that we own it,' she said.' So according to Ms. Morgan, it doesn't matter how much it costs or even if we need it as long as we own it. Don't have a use for it but we gotta have it. And why the scare tactics about the city of Atlanta and the state of Georgia taking our water to boost support for Bear Creek reservoir? That's great leadership isn't it? At the same meeting" 'Mayor Kim Carter said, Covington has 'weathered the financial downturn quite nicely, thanks to prudent financial planning. I think that 'prudent financial planning' occurred before she took office, didn't it?"

"I wish to make this statement in hopes that all Newton County residents understand. If you do not think the 'race card' is unfair, just look around. ... Can you not see the effects it has on our/your community if you hire or elect someone just because it is 'racially' fair. A lot of black people are only proving that the ones they want in, just because it's fair, are turning out to be not qualified ... No offense, but take a look at commissioners and presidents. Is it really worth your children's and grandchildren's future just for the sake of color? A lot of smart, educated black and white people live in this county. I say we vote for the most qualified. Not just so the percentages are fair. God sees us all as equal. I say we try and work together, not against one another. Lord knows this town needs it."

"I think corruption and waste are alive and well in this county. Just this week some things came to my attention while waiting to serve on jury duty Monday. At least two ladies sat in the office adjacent to the bull pen we were waiting in and for nearly the entire day did nothing. Second, can someone tell me why it is necessary we have a police officer at the tag office, how dangerous is this place? Do we have regular occurrences of irate citizens being restrained .... because they are being abused? This man has less responsibility than a Wal-Mart greeter. Everybody stop by and offer a book. He needs to pass the days somehow. One more thing, Judge Johnson came by to thank all of us for being there. Surely he knows we were all there at the point of a gun, we had it in writing and were told so by the polite officer hosting the event. Y'all have a nice day."

"It's another day in Obama land, but I can't say all is well. The alarm clock is ringing and it's time to wake up, wipe the sleep from our eyes so we might see what is happening and clean the wax from our ears so we may hear what is really being said. It's time for us that haven't been on the phone or on the Internet to the ones who are supposed to be representing us in Washington to do so. As long as they continue to do what they think is right, there is going to be a problem. Unless a person has had to pump their own gas, buy their own groceries or to do the always famous 'making the ends meet,' they don't know what is right for us. The silver spoon-fed liberals don't have a clue to what we really need and there's not enough people in office with common sense to do anything constructive and beneficial. Change is what over 50 percent of the people wanted last November and by the time the dust clears we will be lucky to have 50 percent of what we started out with. Now is the time for those of faith to let your prayers be heard as never before. Through our faith in the one who is in control we will come through it all. He has promised this to us. May God bless."

"What exactly has the chairman of the board done for Newton County? Laid off good employees, lost and found money? Does she really know what she is doing?"

"While we will never fully understand the pain and agony the Casola and King families went through the day Mr. Barnes mowed them down, I do not believe that the actions they took on the day of Mr. Barnes' funeral were necessary. It came pretty close to being disrespectful! Mr. Barnes left this earth a very ill man. To the Casola and King families I would say, take comfort in the fact that his passing ensures that, at least he will never cause another family the pain he has caused yours and that ultimately he will pay for his actions, when he is called before the Lord to answer for his actions!"

"Leave it up to the brain trust over at the GDOT to completely screw up our commute. Did anyone notice how all the lights are screwed up along Ga. 20 and 138? Turn signals turning even though there are no vehicles there? Well, if you'll notice the only lanes that have been repaved were the turn lanes; did anyone at the GDOT take this into account for the programming of the lights? Aren't these things triggered by weight?"

"I know the county is broke. But when county employees are having to take unpaid days off and they can't get the supplies to do their jobs, then to really kill the morale of their employees they build a $2.5 million park that we don't need. I know they say they had that money set aside just for that, but the Sheriff's Department had money set aside and gave like $4 million back last year. All the park is going to be is a place for drug dealers and gangs to cause a problem. I just wish that the BOC would use the thing between their shoulders called a head. Oh, and then one of the leaders of our great county goes and gets arrested ... No wonder our county is going downhill."

Editor's note: Funding for the park cannot be used for maintenance and operation expenses for the county.

"Is it me or were there more roads closed only after Newton County was included in the federal disaster. Do they really need to be closed this long or is this a way to get more federal disaster money?"

"Complaint, complaint, one complaint after another. Look, I told you people back in 2006 and 2004 the commissioners and council people you elect represent you in your county government. If you do not like the way Mr. Henderson has been arrested on a charge of battery, then look election is coming up. Don't put him back into office. It is that damn simple. Are you people so ignorant that you can't understand English. Secondly, Barack Obama Nobel Peace Prize winner, wow. Get with it, America."

"For all of you people who are clamoring to have the government in charge of your health care: Just drive down Ga. 20/Highway 138 and look at the wonderful job they have done paving and screwing up the lights. Then try calling the main office at the GDOT at 404-631-1990 to voice your concerns and see the cooperation you get. Then come to me and tell me you want that same type of person in charge of something as critical as your health."