Suspects fire shots during street robbery

CONYERS - Police investigated a reported armed robbery Thursday involving three Hispanic men being held up at their home by a group of black men.

The Conyers Police Department responded to shots fired at 705 S. Pine St., in the Arbor Creek neighborhood, at about 1:30 a.m. Thursday. The officers were approached by the three Hispanic men who said they had been robbed.

A neighbor, who heard the gunfire, translated for police. The men said two of them walked outside to smoke a cigarette and use a cell phone. The two men said they saw four black men standing nearby, and they asked the men if they had a cigarette.

The black men said yes and approached the men. One of them then pulled out a gun and put it to the neck of one of the victims while the others patted both of them down for valuables, according to the report.

The victims told the robbers they did not have anything to give the suspects. The robbers took a cell phone and some keys, which police found on the ground nearby.

One of the victims told police he thought the gun was fake and pushed it away from his friend's neck and ran inside a nearby house. The gunman fired two shots in the air as the group of men ran away, apparently to show that the gun was, indeed, real.

The victims said two of the men left in a Red Honda Civic while the other two ran into the woods. Witnesses said the gunman fired again from the car as they sped away from the scene, the report said.

Conyers Police Chief David Cathcart said no arrests had been made and the investigation was continuing.

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