Roesel Letter - 10/23/2009

Thank you for Alena Parker's article "Officials in debate on power plant." As a Snapping Shoals customer, I'm concerned that Snapping Shoals EMC continues to be a part of the group that plans to build a new coal-fired power plant in the state. A $2 billion price tag on a new coal plant seems very steep for small member co-ops to shoulder, especially since four EMCs have already pulled out. Also, with coal prices on the rise and federal climate legislation pending, the future of coal is very unstable.

We deserve better than another dirty power plant that hurts our health, environment and pocketbook. As a Snapping Shoals EMC member, I hope that the board will make the right decision to withdraw itself from Power4Georgians and instead pursue cleaner, cheaper and safer alternatives like efficiency and renewable energy.

Ab Roesel