Parks Letter - 10/23/09

After reading Cindi Quarles' letter, I must say I don't share her view that everything is happy and wonderful in our government. I share her urging to watch C-Span, but there are many back-room meetings that are not covered on C-Span - for instance the committee meeting where they tried to force a vote to investigate the "special" deals given to four congressmen by Countrywide Mortgage and our congressmen went out the back door so there would not be a enough people in the committee meeting to call for a vote.

Also on Wednesday Rep. E. Towns (D-NY) had the locks on the doors to the committee meeting room changed to prevent Republicans and media from hearing what was going on in the meeting. That sounds very un-American to me. President Obama said his administration would be the most open and transparent and meetings would no longer be held in secret, that the public would have five days to read bills online before he signed them. Even the congressmen/women and senators are not reading the bills before they vote for them, and I am sorry to say that all those other promises were just campaign talk.

I am very disillusioned with the president and our government. I wrote to my representative, Hank Johnson, spelling out exactly why I opposed the health care bill HR-3200. He wrote me back and told me he was for it and he was voting for it and there was no discussion! At his town hall meeting the front rows were full of union people in purple shirts who did not live in the Fourth District (they told me) and moveon.org people in orange T-shirts. So I don't have any hope of him representing me.

What about the promise that lobbyists won't slip pork projects into legislation or corporate welfare in the stimulus bill, that also was not read by those voting for it, which had over 1,000 earmarks in it. I am sorry but I believe what President Obama does, not what he says. I am concerned about the more than 30 czars appointed that have power in our government but have not been vetted by our elected officials or voted on by the people. I challenge everyone to just google the names and read some of the startling facts about most of these people. Our government was set up to have checks and balances, but President Obama is centralizing power in the executive branch, bypassing the other two branches.

We are in great danger of losing our freedoms. Our dollar is losing value every day, making just the interest on the debt we owe China unsustainable. If we continue on this path, our dollar will go the way of the peso. I have news for you, your taxes are going up - if you work and pay them (another broken promise). How do you think they are going to pay for this debt? The Donald Trumps of this country are just going to move their fortunes, businesses and jobs to other countries.

Lastly, if you think that having our government own private businesses, dictate corporations' pay, control your bank, and control your health care is freedom, then your idea of America is very different than mine.

Anne Parks