Pizza delivery driver robbed

COVINGTON - A pizza delivery driver told the Newton County Sheriff's Office she was held at gunpoint and robbed of cash, a cell phone and a pizza Monday night on Lakeside Circle.

According to a report by the NCSO, the Domino's Pizza delivery driver went to 310 Lakeside Circle to deliver a pizza at about 10:15 p.m. A man had called in the pizza order and been advised to turn on the porch light at the residence so the driver could find the house.

When the victim arrived on Lakeside Circle, the porch light was not on and she was hesitant to approach the house, according to the report. When she knocked on the front door, she did not receive an answer, but a black man approached from the bushes on the left side of the house and pointed a small black pistol at her.

The victim told the NCSO that the suspect was 16 to 18 years of age with no facial hair and wearing a dark blue or black hoodie that covered most of his face. The victim said the suspect held the gun to the left side of her head and robbed her of $15 she had in her coat pocket and the pizza.

The suspect reportedly said $15 was not enough and the victim told him she had $1 in her car. He asked if she had a cell phone and she told him it, too, was in her car. The suspect told the victim to lie down on the ground and not move because his friend "Jay" had a gun pointed at her and would shoot her if she did. The victim said she never saw a second man.

The suspect told the victim to count to 100 before she got up off the ground. She did so and then ran to a vehicle that was parking across the street, told the driver she had been robbed and asked to use his phone to call 911.

The suspect fled on foot between two houses with the $15 from the driver, the $1 that was in her car console and the pizza.

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