Quarles Letter - 10/18/09

Recently I have been concerned about the information that is going out across our nation. There are so many people who are actually uninformed by choice. They are letting the news people and newspapers tell them what is happening instead of actually going on the Internet or changing channels for a while and listening to another view of a story. The people on TV are making money on our concerns, our worries and magnifying the issues, twisting the issues and in many cases straight up lying about the event. This is outrageous! Not to mention dangerous.

The facts are on the Web site, on C-Span, where you can see the Congress and Senate at work and hear their words, right from their mouths. Yeah, it's boring sometimes, but I have watched every minute of the health care committees. Oh my goodness, the things that are said and argued over. I have most recently been watching the Senate committee do its mark up. Adding amendments and such, blah, blah, blah, but it is from their mouths. Not the "news" people's.

I think everyone could put their minds to rest if they would just take personal responsibility to watch some C-Span and make decisions based on what they hear with their own ears. You know what they say, "Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear."

In a recent poll the trust in the media is at a historic low. And rightfully so. There are so many lies being told. Maybe if we searched out our information through other means, or at least additional means, we might realize that some of this craziness is much to do about who can get the best ratings. Just to share some of my thoughts from my own research:

1. We are not in danger of losing our constitutional rights, well not any more than any other time under any other president.

2. We need health care reform. Give them some time to get a true draft before you freak out. Write your congressman and tell them what you want. They will respond too. However, It was made clear to me that what I want isn't important to those from Georgia representing in Washington, even if it is what the majority public wants. My letter came back from Chambliss stating a lot of "I think, I feel." I don't care what he thinks - he works for us. And that is how he is supposed to be voting. I don't think he is.

3. Our taxes are not in danger of going up, unless you live in Donald Trump's neighborhood. There is a lot of speculation, but no fact or proposals in play.

4. The government is not attempting to take over our individual rights. Actually the process that has us all talking, yelling, meeting, tea-partying is how it is supposed to be. Us telling them to do what we want as a majority, not them doing what they want to do. I think it is great that there is so much conversation going on. I just wish it was more of the truth.

5. There are special interests and lobbyists, there always have been and, unfortunately, probably always will be. I think that all of Congress and the Senate should have to raise money like our current president. He took no PAC money. I thought that was nice.

Now one thing that I may not have made clear about myself. I am not interested in getting upset about President Obama and his administration. I have done my homework and watched a lot of TV and the "news." I voted in November, as did millions of Americans. They have spoken, the numbers are in, the news is released and the president is seated. The American people of this country voted for the man in office. I am the one who needs to do the homework and at the end of the day I am satisfied that I have the facts. I am aware that I may not always like the facts, but I have them. It empowers me, which if you remember, is what Senator - now President - Obama campaigned on. Empowering the people of the United States of America.

Cindi Quarles