Newton Phone Poll - 10/17/09

The Newton Citizen Poll is a compilation of opinions submitted by readers. They do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Citizen newspapers. If you agree or disagree with something you read here, you may respond by e-mailing poll@newtoncitizen.com.

"The Nobel Peace Prize was voted on in February. So Obama was given the award based upon the disingenuous promises of his political campaign?! This just proves that anyone who expresses disdain and dislike (hate) for our great country is a hero in the eyes of the Nobel Committee, no matter how questionable the accomplishment, i.e. Arafat, Carter, Gore. What a freaking joke!"

"Special recognition should be given to NCSO Deputy Tommy Thomason for his quick action in preventing the choking death of an 11-month-old baby. And that recognition should come from Gov. Sonny Perdue himself. It's comforting to know we have a person of Sgt. Thomason's ability patrolling our streets and roads. Also, the baby's mother deserves a special pat on the back for not giving in to panic and calling 911 immediately. Law enforcement and emergency personnel are vital to the stability of the community. We should never forget what they do for us."

"To the person questioning why restaurants throw food away instead of giving it away, I worked at a restaurant when I was younger and it all boils down to liability. If a restaurant gives, let's say a homeless person, a free meal and that person gets sick they can sue the restaurant regardless of the act of kindness. The food still made the person sick, which is what the courts will look at, and so we were instructed to throw away all food returns in order to prevent the company from being sued. Some of these mom and pop restaurants may give food away, but if they want financial security they wouldn't. Why risk losing everything over a $1 or $2 burger. At least when you buy the food they know they are responsible for your safety."

"Please ask the 911 director how his 'seamless' radio system works. His system cannot communicate with Walton, Rockdale, Conyers, DeKalb, and Henry (who has a similar system) and others that may work their way into Newton County. I bet if you research it, you will find it's not as 'seamless' as it seems. Inquiring minds want to know!"

"You have got to be kidding. I can't believe it. Barak Obama wins the Nobel Peace Prize. What did he do? Break up an argument between his two daughters? He certainly hasn't done anything else other than to get people upset and do anything he can to please the unions. I wonder how the Bush Administration feels after being kicked in the groin. If the award was to go to an American besides George Bush, it should have been Bill Clinton. Clinton certainly qualifies because he is a liberal. This was definitely a political decision. President Obama can't make an aggressive move now against anyone one because he has the Peace Prize. The liberal leaders of the world have got him right where they wanted him. Y'all wanted change, and I hope you're happy."

"It always amazes me to see that people only have one side on their coin. Take the comments about the president going to Copenhagen to bid for Chicago to get the Olympics. Now I have heard people complain about how much the plane ride is costing us. Well, If the Olympics had come to Chicago, have you thought of the jobs that would have been created now? Those venues aren't built overnight you know. Jobs now wouldn't be so bad. Some people are acting as if he is taking vacations. Oh, like Bush did about every three weeks to the tune of $100,000 of taxpayer's dollars each trip. And those were vacations. At least President Obama is attempting to do something for the country, consulting people, going places, even talking to John McCain about war. He is working to get things normal again in this country. And just some basic information here, Chicago wasn't the only ones that helped get him elected. It was a country-wide campaign, just like all the other candidates. He won the race by the majority in this country. Like it or not. The count has already gone down, the people have voted and he is our president. ... "

"Thank the Lord a Newton County grand jury had the knowledge not to return any indictments in the case against Stephanie Casola and Anita King. I was there and I know first hand that first they took all of the legal and proper measures to obtain a permit from the authorities to have a vigil. Please look up the definition of vigil. They did not have a protest. Look up the definition of protest. They followed all of the directions that were given to them by the Covington Police Department. The Covington Police followed the rules to the 'T.' They knew not to make any mistakes. They knew this would be the next step that the Barnes family would take. They knew the race card was going to be played. They knew the Barnes family would call the NAACP. ... "

Newton County Commissioner J.C. Henderson arrested for battery - Did he move? I thought he represented District 5 and lived on Oak Hill Road. Is Henderson still living in his district?"

Editor's note: Commissioner J.C. Henderson represents District 4 and lives within his district.

"I was appalled when I heard of the rudeness and disrespect shown by the ninth-grade class at Newton High School to Andre Kessler. He was there to tell of his family's experiences during the Holocaust and ensuing years and a large group of students talked, laughed and moved about during his presentation. Even worse, the teachers and administrators did nothing to stop this disgusting behavior. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Every student, teacher, and administrator should write Mr. Kessler a letter of apology. The Holocaust was one of the most horrendous events that ever occurred, and Mr. Kessler deserved a respectful, sympathetic audience.

"Stop the madness! Our illustrious president and his Congress have turned a deaf ear and blind eye to what Americans are saying and doing with peaceful demonstrations to show how disgusted we are. Obama is determined to shove his agenda down our throats. After all, he thinks he is the anointed one and knows what is best for all. The country is in the biggest financial and economic mess ever, and his ridiculous health care plan is going to make it worse. Middle America will be so deep in debt, they will never recover. Why should he care? He is not concerned with anyone, especially the senior citizens in this country. That is obvious when one looks at the cuts that will be made to Medicare services when the health care plan is passed. That will definitely be one way to trim the population. Americans unite! We need to show Obama and his Congress we are not pleased. They work for us, not vice versa. All of them are nothing but part-time help that can be fired; it is called Election Day .... "

"J.C. Henderson should resign or be removed from the Newton County Board of Commissioners. His arrest for domestic violence is an embarrassment to the county and the citizens he represents. For anyone that wants to defend this, we're not talking about a traffic violation, this is a serious offense and difficult for him to defend these serious actions. Further, he wants the taxpayers of Newton County to pay for his defense by a county public defender? Please, Commissioner Henderson, do the right thing and resign."

"As a Newton County taxpayer I am calling for the resignation of J.C. Henderson. It is sad when an elected official has become such an embarrassment and a disappointment to those who elected him. He was elected to represent us (the taxpayers) not for us to represent him by paying for a public defender. ... It is time to resign!"

"How utterly embarrassing it has become to all 90,000 of us in Newton County to realize we have elected city and county officials who are even considering spending millions of our dollars to buy property for a walking trail while Rome is burning! The 'stimulus' monies we asked for from the federal government can be redirected by the stroke of a pen to be used for things like all the surrounding counties were smart enough to use them for such as remodeling schools to save the property taxpayer millions or to fix our roads (mine is full of holes and literally falling apart) or many other necessary items. There is a great difference between 'need' and 'want' and at a time when our economy is at its worst for us all, we have a few dozen people who have convinced and cajoled our submissive leaders into this harebrained scheme. There is no less priority for the citizens of Newton than to spend money to buy such a fiasco when we don't even have the facts. For example, how many millions is it really going to cost to purchase and how many tens of millions is it going to cost to build and maintain? And what about the security of the families living beside this potential 'Trail of Crime?' I for one cannot in my wildest imagination figure out who and what is behind this outrageous insanity. I think they have medications and treatment for that, though. Please seek immediate medical assistance if you happen to be the ones involved in wasting all of your time on this one!"

"Congratulations to the Newton County Deputy Tommy Thomason for saving that choking child a few days ago. I just read in the Citizen where he saved a choking child. I have known Mr. Thomason for years. He is a great cop. Also, Barack Obama Nobel Peace Prize winner, come on and give it to Oprah Winfrey, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton or somebody else who ran for president. As far as Air Force One goes ... it costs more to run that plane than it does a hundred cars on the streets of America. Come on, Mr. President, give us our money."

"This is to the person who stole my black and tan Chihuahua in Porterdale near Ivy Street Wednesday night. Please return him or let him loose so he will come home. I kind of feel sorry for you that you need a pet that bad that you steal it. Please release him."