Townley Letter - 10/16/09

Here is a good one for you. On Sunday afternoon about 5 p.m., my wife and I went to Longhorn Steak House in Monroe for dinner. My truck was parked in the parking lot with metallic signs on each front door that read AMERICA "THE GREAT" Born July 4, 1776, Died Nov. 4, 2008. When I returned to my truck, I noticed a note on the back of a Wal-Mart receipt placed underneath the door handle that read: "Good thing our America isn't full of Communist like you!" A major problem is that this person did not have the guts to leave his/her name on it.

I gave 26 years of my life in military uniform helping to protect freedom, which includes freedom for the person who left the note. It is everyone's right to freely express their views at the polls, and I support that. It is also my right to express my views about the results at the polls, and I will certainly do it. There is a political party in this country that believes if you disagree with them, then you have no right to your opinion. That party is called Democrat.

Let me make it perfectly clear that I did not put the sign on my door for anyone to like it. I put the sign there to express my view.

I have no interest in running for public office, and I don't care about political correctness.

Hubert L. Townley Sr.