DeKalb Tech goes Tech

Clarkston - DeKalb Technical College recently launched a new era in education.

Students, faculty, staff and the community will now be able to find out important information with a tweet or friend "GoDeKalbTech" on Facebook or view videos about DeKalb Tech on YouTube.

"Our goal is to use this avenue as a multi-purpose tool," said Cory Thompson, DeKalb Tech's Public Relations & Information Director. "We want to reconnect with DeKalb Tech alumni through Facebook, establish ties to current and potential students through Twitter and showcase our programs of study with videos on YouTube."

One-room school houses, ink wells and quill pens were once the standard tools of education, but when students walked into the classroom at DeKalb Technical College for the 2009 fall quarter, the only thing similar to that by-gone era was the teacher and an educational mission. The blackboards are no longer black, students will take notes with ergonomically correct pens and the "school house" has transformed into a multi-level, multi-building electronic educational Mecca.

"This will provide another avenue for the flow of information to our community," says Dr. Robin Hoffman, president of DeKalb Technical College.

The schools Web site also has a new look as well as links to our social media web pages. Finding out more information and beginning the registration process is only a click away when you ask for more information on the schools home page. These web pages for all of the social media sights fall under the umbrella of GoDeKalbTech.

The following are links to new sites:

Twitter: http://twitter.com/GoDeKalbTech

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/GoDeKalbTech

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/GoDeKalbTech

DeKalb Technical College Web site: www.dekalbtech.edu