On the Beat: CPD: Alleged shoplifter said it was dumb

On the Beat is an occasional reporting of various crimes and complaints confronted by law enforcement personnel in Newton County in the course of their duties. It is compiled by News Editor Barbara Knowles, who can be reached at barbara.knowles@newtoncitizen.com.

'I'm good, officer'

An alleged shoplifter who stole an RCA digital recorder valued at $37.19 from Wal-Mart acknowledged it was a dumb thing to do, but explained to the arresting officer that "he was a good person," according to a Covington Police Department incident report.

Of course, this was after he ran from the loss prevention officer at the store, later fled across I-20 from the police and had to be Tasered to be apprehended and just before he was transported to Newton Medical Center to assess his injuries.

Learning from mistakes

A man who was arrested and charged with theft by taking and forgery said he was only trying to introduce a learning moment. He stole his female roommate's checkbook and forged a check for $220 "to teach (her) a lesson for leaving her checkbook laying around the house in plain sight."

Name that suspect

A woman who found two flat, damaged tires on her car one morning told Newton County Sheriff's Office deputies that she had been going through some family drama with her sisters and they possibly had caused the damage.

· A woman called her bank to inquire when she would be receiving a new debit card as her old one was about to expire. The bank told her they had already sent it and somebody had been using it. The woman told the NCSO that she had a friend visiting from California who had already returned home, but she suspected she had gotten the card out of the mailbox and taken it home with her.

Watch that wind

A man was repossessing a car, but the owner of the car made a remark that was misunderstood. The repo man thought he said, "Don't make me get my sh--," which he interpreted to mean the man was going to get a gun as the man had his hands behind his back. The car owner said he said, "You're not going to haul off my sh--," referring to his personal items in the vehicle. At any rate, the repo man decided he had best pepper spray the other man, but he didn't factor in that the wind was blowing in his direction. The pepper spray went back into the repo man's face. When NCSO deputies arrived, both men had been trying to wash the spray from their eyes. While the deputies were there, both men apologized and shook hands and no charges were made.

Take me to jail

A man was questioned for suspicion of drunk driving by NCSO deputies after he got his vehicle stuck in the mud. Deputies reported smelling a strong odor of alcohol coming from his person and that his eyes were glassy and dilated. The man was suspicious that he might be drunk as well.

"I'm gonna be honest with you. I had one beer about two hours ago," he said. "Take me to jail because I know I'm drunk."

· Another man was stopped after he was observed by NCSO deputies endeavoring to move his car by backing and moving forward in the same spot about six times. He told deputies he was coming from The Depot. Deputies asked him if he had been "drinking today," and he confirmed, "All day. I was up there singing karaoke. I shouldn't have been driving. I should have stayed at home."

He did try, however, to perform a field sobriety test, but finally admitted, "I can't do it. I'm going to jail anyway."

· A man stopped by the CPD was all too familiar with the drill when it came time to do his field sobriety test. He had been stopped because his car was weaving back and forth across the roadway. He admitted to having four beers an hour earlier and after several tries at repeating the alphabet said, "I can't do it, man. I know what this is."

The reason he was so familiar with the test was he had apparently failed a similar test and been arrested in Rockdale County on a charge of DUI the week before.

· A man was stopped by the CPD for driving without headlights and driving erratically. When asked if he would submit to a field sobriety test, he refused and told the officer he should take him to jail because he was drunk.

· A motorcyclist was stopped after he was seen "laying drags" on the roadway by a CPD officer. When the officer began talking to the man, he could smell a strong odor of alcohol coming from him, so he asked how much he'd had to drink. The man told him he'd had a six pack. The officer asked the man if he'd submit to a field sobriety test and he agreed, but in the middle of the test he stopped the officer and asked if he could just have someone come pick him up. The officer told him that was not an option. The man then gave the officer an argument he thought he couldn't refuse. He told the officer that he was the mechanic who works on the motorcycles that belong to the sheriff's office. Unmoved, the officer arrested the mechanic who failed his field sobriety test.

Can't live without it

A woman was arrested and taken to jail for shoplifting the following items from Kroger on Salem Road: Tylenol PM, Coricidin Cold and Flu medicine, two Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, one bottle of Loreal Preference hair coloring and Maybeline eyeliner.