Man arrested, charged twice with huffing, DUI

CONYERS -- A Covington man managed last week to be arrested by both the Conyers Police Department and Rockdale Sheriff's Office within a 24-hour period on charges of intentionally inhaling model glue fumes and driving while under the influence of "multiple substances."

Mark Paul Whitney, 45, of 10 Huntington Place, Covington was arrested first by Conyers Police at 8:45 p.m. Nov. 17, when officers were notified of a suspicious person in a vehicle parked at the Target department story on Ga. Highway 20.

According to the report, two CPD officers approached a tan minivan and noticed a man sitting in the driver's seat allegedly inhaling fumes from a household cleaner aerosol can. The officers noted the man, identified as Whitney, initially did not notice them standing by the vehicle and "continued to inhale vigorously."

When the officers were able to communicate with Whitney, the officers noted in their report that he appeared very disoriented and confused. Whitney placed the aerosol can between the front seats to talk with the officers. One of them shined his flashlight into the van and where Whitney placed the can and the officer report seeing several other aerosol cans.

Whitney was placed into handcuffs after agreeing to leave the van and officers put him in a CPD patrol car. A search of the van turned up eight to 11 additional cans of the same brand of household cleaner, several prescribed medications and an empty bottle of rum, the report said.

Whitney told officers he had allegedly inhaled fumes from eight cans that day. He was transported to Rockdale Medical Center and was released. Conyers Police charged Whitney the following day with one count of intentionally inhaling of fumes of model glue.

Conyers Police presented their arrest warrant at the Rockdale County Jail because Whitney was being held there after his arrest by RCSO deputies that involved an one-vehicle traffic accident.

Deputies responded to a call at 2:26 p.m. Nov. 18, that someone had driven a minivan over a mailbox and drove off on Ga. Highway 20 North. The deputy reported that a resident witness a minivan had just struck his mailbox.

A witness said she saw the minivan traveling south and hit the curb, then the mailbox before coming to a stop sideways in the roadway, the report said.

The witness told deputies she went over to see if the driver was OK and noticed the driver was huffing on an aerosol can of computer keyboard cleaner. The driver looked at her and suddenly took off heading north.

Another witness driving by told deputies she saw the minivan hit the van head north, then do a U-turn and head south once again, according.

The deputy called for a lookout of the van and another RCSO deputy spotted the minivan parked in the Publix shopping center, located near Sigman Road. Whitney was found in the minivan and arrested, the report said.

Whitney was charged with driving under the influence of multiple substances, striking a fixed object and failure to stop at the scene of an accident.

Whitney remained at the Rockdale County Jail Wednesday, Nov. 25, with a bond of $1,300 on city charges, and $5,720 on county charges, according to jail administrators.