Air compressor stolen from home

COVINGTON -- The Grinch has apparently arrived early this year, according to a Brown Bridge Road resident. The woman reported that she was a victim of the September flooding, but volunteers from Eastridge Community Church came to her aid.

One of the volunteers left an air compressor at the residence, which had to be moved outside so new flooring could be installed. While outside the home on Monday, it was stolen.

"It just broke my heart. I can't tell you how these people worked. I had no insurance and just the little bit that FEMA gave me. This house was a mess, and if they hadn't come in here and worked, we'd have just had to let the house go to the devil, and then some idiot comes in here and steals their machinery," she said.

The unit was a three horsepower Campbell Hausfeld air compressor with wheels and is valued at $300.

Anyone with information on this incident is asked to call the NCSO at 678-625-1400. Tips can be given to the NCSO anonymously at 678-625-5007 or through their Web at www.newtonsheriffga.org and clicking on "anonymous tips." Those who want a response from NCSO personnel should leave contact information.